2 Round Mock Draft – April 13th

Written by Will Spencer on April 13, 2010


The Redskins made a huge move to get Donovan McNabb, Jimmy Clausen has his pro day and Santonio Holmes is traded to the Jets. See how Will Spencer thinks this will affect the draft in his latest mock.

1. St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma

Now that the option of trading for McNabb is off the table (if it was ever ON the table), the Rams have to look to the quarterback position. It’s my belief that the Rams should go with the best player in the draft here (Ndamukong Suh) and take Colt McCoy in round 2. However, this mock isn’t what I think SHOULD happen, it’s what I think is LIKELY to happen. St. Louis can’t afford to come out of this draft without a quarterback so why not get the best one? Last year, the Rams grabbed their franchise left tackle, so protecting their investment is less of a concern as it might be for another team. However, don’t be surprised if the Rams make a trade for Jason Campbell, in which case, Suh would be the pick.


2. Detroit Lions

Ndamunkong Suh – DT – Nebraska

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The Lions could have one of the better defensive lines in the league if they’re able to get Suh. They’ve traded for Corey Williams and signed Kyle Vanden Bosch in free agency. Not only does this help defensive line play, it helps their linebacking corp. The Lions have to find a way to control the line of scrimmage and Suh brings just that. While they could look at Gerald McCoy here, head coach Jim Schwartz will be able to utilize Suh’s potential and help make him one of the dominate players in the league.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma

This pick just makes a lot of sense. Tampa has been looking for a solid interior defensive lineman since Warren Sapp and McCoy fits the bill. McCoy is a quick, gap penetrator and will really be able to create inside pressure for the Bucs. When you play quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Matt Ryan twice a year each, inside pressure on the quarterback is a must. The Bucs could also look at Eric Berry here, but McCoy should be able to make a bigger immediate impact for the team.

4. Washington Redskins

Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma State

After the blockbuster trade for quarterback Donovan McNabb, this pick might as well be written in pen at this point. The Redskins lost their left tackle, Chris Samuels, to retirement this offseason and they need to have someone to protect their new quarterback’s blind side. Okung is a solid selection here, but don’t be surprised if the Redskins are higher on Bryan Bulaga or Trent Williams. Either way, the Redskins picks hould be a left tackle.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

Bryan Bulaga – OT – Iowa

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This might be the first real twist in the draft. Kansas City needs to protect their investment in Matt Cassell and while Brandon Albert has done a nice job at tackle, he may be better suited to move inside. Even if the Chiefs decide not to move Albert inside, they could put Bulaga on the right side of the line. General Manager Scott Pioli has a long standing relationship with Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz, who is known for producing very technically sound offensive lineman. Don’t be surprised at all if the Chiefs decide to take Bulaga as they have a bit of an inside track on the kid. If Kansas City doesn’t go with Bulaga here, look for them to call Eric Berry’s name.

6. Seattle Seahawks

Trent Williams – OT – Oklahoma

The last two selections put the Seahawks in a bit of a pickle. They need to get a top offensive tackle in this draft and with Okung and Bulaga going in the last two picks, they can’t afford to pass on Williams here as he might not be on the board at their next pick. Williams stock is on the rise as of late and he’s able to play left and right tackle. This would give the Seahawks the option of playing Williams at right tackle if Walter Jones returns for a final season, and then transferring him to the left side after Jones retires.

7. Cleveland Browns

Eric Berry – S – Tennessee

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The Browns have to be jumping for joy at this point as the best defensive back in the draft falls right into their lap. Berry is touted as the next Ed Reed and from watching him throughout his career at Tennessee, I have to say I agree with that statement. The Browns have had problems in the secondary but they recently acquired Sheldon Brown from the Eagles to play the other corner spot, opposite Eric Wright. Having Berry playing center field for the team only makes their secondary better. Berry is very strong in run support as well, which is a must in the smash-mouth AFC North division.

8. Oakland Raiders

Jason Pierre-Paul – DE – South Florida

It’s almost become cliche’ at this point to give the Raiders a reach of a pick at this spot. Many have Taylor Mays or Bruce Campbell at this spot but I don’t think the Raiders will reach that far. Pierre-Paul still fits the mold of the physical freak that owner Al Davis loves, yet he’s talented enough to deserve to be talked about as the 8th overall selection. The Raiders have been looking to get more of a pass rush and while raw, JPP has the tools to be a very dominate pass rusher. Don’t be surprised if Oakland looks hard at Jimmy Clausen here as word around the team is they’re sick and tired of the Jamarcus Russell experiment.

9. Buffalo Bills

Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame

After the McNabb trade, Clausen is a player that could take a huge free fall on draft day. The Bills really need to address a few positions along the offensive line but I’m not so sure they’d take Anthony Davis at this point. Clausen has the swagger the lead a team and he’s no stranger to playing in cold weather. If the Bills decide to pass on Clausen, don’t be surprised if they take a hard look at C.J. Spiller as rumors are circulating of a Marshawn Lynch trade.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars

Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech

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Jacksonville was dead last in the league in 2009 in sacks and they won’t get better as a defense until they can get to the quarterback. Having to face Peyton Manning twice a year, getting pressure on the quarterback is an absolute must. The Jaguars did spend their first two picks in 2008 on pass rushers (Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves), but neither of them have seen much success at this point. Morgan is a technically sound pass rusher that can also play the run effectively. If the Jags pass on Morgan, I wouldn’t be shocked if they looked at a corner or wide receiver at this spot.

11. Denver Broncos (from Chicago)

Rolando McClain – LB – Alabama

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Many have the Broncos going with Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant here and that might very well be an option. However, that’s only in the scenario that includes a trade of Brandon Marshall, which hasn’t happened….yet. The Broncos have made the transition to a 3-4 defense and lucky for them, McClain is one of the few linebackers in the country that actually played that defense in college. McClain is an instant upgrade at the linebacker spot and will make an immediate impact for the Broncos.

12. Miami Dolphins

Dan Williams – DT – Tennessee

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The Dolphins starting nose tackle, Jason Ferguson, is facing an eight game suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy. With that in mind, the key to a successful 3-4 defense is a strong nose tackle. Head coach Tony Sparano coached Williams at the Senior Bowl, so he’s seen first hand just how effective he can be when playing the nose. The Dolphins could also look to take a wide receiver here, but filling the nose tackle spot is just too important to overlook.

13. San Francisco 49ers

Joe Haden – CB – Florida

Scouting Report

The 49ers are in serious need of help in their secondary and even Nate Clements, the highly paid corner, is starting to decline. With Haden falling into their laps, the 49ers get the best cover corner in the draft and an immediate improvement in their secondary. The Niners could also look at safety Earl Thomas at this position, given his ability to play corner or safety, but Haden is too talented to pass up.

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)

C.J. Spiller – RB – Clemson

Scouting Report

After grabbing Trent Williams with their first pick in the round, the Seahawks look to bring in a play maker. Seattle hasn’t had a strong offensive attack since the days of the strong running game of Shaun Alexander. Spiller is a threat to run the ball as well as catch out of the backfield, which brings a different dimension to the Seahawks offense. Not to mention Spiller has unequaled special teams ability. The Seahawks may be tempted to draft Earl Thomas or even Dez Bryant at this position, but home run hitters like Spiller don’t just grow on trees.

15. New York Giants

Sean Weatherspoon – LB – Missouri

Scouting Report

New York is pretty upset when Denver takes Rolando McClain earlier, but they can’t afford to ignore the linebacker position. Weatherspoon was an absolute tackle machine at Missouri and has experience playing both weak side linebacker and middle linebacker. The Giants have to find a replacement for Antonio Pierce and while this might be a bit early for Weatherspoon, the team won’t find another linebacker of his caliber later in the draft.

16. Tennessee Titans

Kyle Wilson – CB – Boise State

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The Titans have some serious concenrs in the secondary and Kyle Wilson has seen his stock rise over the past few weeks. Personally, I think Wilson is much closer in talent to Joe Haden than many like to give him credit for. A physical corner, Wilson fits in well with the Titans’ defensive scheme and he’ll be a day one starter. Tennesssee could also look to bring in some pass rush help here, so don’t be surprised if Brandon Graham gets a look here.


Will Spencer

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