2012 NFL Draft Extravaganza

Written by Mike Daneshgar on August 28, 2011


I’ve been doing some research on the 2011 College Football season and the 2012 NFL Draft because I have nothing better to do. Plus, as a Browns fan, I have pretty much all season to look forward to the draft.


This draft class has the potential to be legendary. It’s so awesome that if I had a twin, I would want to kiss him on the lips (watch this video and you’ll know what I’m talkin’ bout). Here are a few names worth keeping an eye on during the College Football season which is just around the corner!




Andrew Luck, Stanford – I think nothing really needs to be said that hasn’t already. Best quarterback I’ve seen since Joe Montana. He’s also the smartest football player since Albert Einstein and I’ve heard it said that he has a really loud voice, which makes his snap counts that more better. I’m jumping offsides just thinking about it. But no, in all seriousness he’s a really good quarterback who should make a smooth transition to the NFL game.


Matt Barkley, USC – He cut down on his interceptions last year and has the USC swagger that you can’t teach. He’s the kind of guy you want to hate on but probably shouldn’t because he most likely has a lot of money and could end up quarterbacking your favorite team in the near future.


Nick Foles, Arizona – I’m not quite that crazy about him, but you can’t argue with his numbers. This season for him will be huge. He seems a little flat-footed to me, classic case of Joe Flacco syndrome. With treatment, it can be overcome.


Landry Jones, Oklahoma – As good as Sam Bradford has done, it has gotta raise Landry’s stock quite a bit. If you want numbers, look no further. Actually, no, look further you can’t quit reading yet. He also had a pretty cool mustache, which makes him cool by me.


Robert Griffin III, Baylor – He may not be a top round prospect, but this kid is electric. Don’t believe me? Watch this play. Yup, he’s awesome.


Tyler Wilson, Arkansas– Taking over for Ryan Mallet won’t be easy, but he’s shown promise in limited snaps. Hopefully, he doesn’t follow Mallet’s example of making everyone hate him: that would suck.


Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M – A converted WR, could shoot up boards if he plays like he ended the season. If being a QB doesn’t work out, with a name like Tannehill he could make a good butler. Go fetch me a moist towel, Tannehill. Has a nice ring to it, no?


Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma St. – He’s like 50 (actually something like 29) but looks like a real quarterback. Then again, I would look like a real QB throwing to WR Justin Blackmon.


Case Keenum, Houston – Little undersized but he gets nice zip on his throws and passes for a ton of yards. If I were a defensive player and sacked him, I’d say, “Case closed!”


Darron Thomas, Oregon – Tough to judge him because of the gimmicky offense. I give him a gold sticker that says “Nice going!” He has a nice arm but there is an obvious windup to it which seems easy to get a jump on.


Geno Smith, WVU – Geno! With the coaching dude from Oklahoma St. coming over to teach him how to be a gimmicky quarterback, he should be like a Darron Thomas with size and a plus arm.


Class Grade: A Gold Medal; Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, and Landry Jones are potential #1 overall picks in most drafts. Tannehill, Wilson,  and Smith could jump into the 1st or 2nd round with strong showings. If Weeden wasn’t 29 he would be a high pick. Robert Griffin won’t be drafted high because he’s not prototype but in the words of John Gruden, “he’s a football player.”  Thanks, Jon.





Trent Richardson, Alabama – You thought, Mark Ingram was good? Wait until you see Trent get the majority of the carries. The only way he won’t be a top 10 pick is injury or if  the devaluation of 1st round running backs continues.


LaMichael James, Oregon – Can’t teach speed, and he has it. His name is also LaMichael, which in french means “the Michael.” As a fellow Michael, I approve.


Chris Polk, Washington – Great combination of size and speed, will become the focal point of their offense with Locker gone. I don’t really have anything funny to say about him.


Knile Davis, Arkansas –  How dare you get injured for the season? I really wanted to watch you play this year. That’s what I get for wanting to watch a Razorback. Go Gators.


David Wilson, Virginia Tech – Love his running style: it’s got a little bit of Reggie Bush to it. Call it Bushiness. Will be interesting to see him now that Williams and Evans are gone


Jeff Demps, Florida – Sub 4.2 40 yard dash, anyone? I would say more about him but he’s like Big Foot – always blurry.


Montel Harris, BC – Seeing a good Boston College running back sends me back some awesome flashbacks of William Green. “Run, William! Run!” Ran for nearly 200 yards against a damn good FSU defense.


Cyrus Gray, A&M – Call me crazy but this guy has a bit of Emmitt Smith to his running style. He won’t amaze with his strength or speed, but he’s just a solid running back.


Doug Martin, Boise State – I like this kid quite a bit. He has really low center of gravity and moves really well for a big back. Looks a lot like Mark Ingram in the way he runs.


Boom Herron, OSU – Short, stocky running backs are becoming all the rage in the NFL


RB Class Grade: 2.5 stars. If running backs didn’t have such a short lifespan, many of these guys would be drafted higher. But in today’s NFL, with multiple RB sets, no team wants to draft a RB too high and I can’t blame them. Richardson is a sure-thing 1st round, LaMichael James is a late 1st, early 2nd.



Mike Daneshgar

Mike is a contributor to the DraftBreakdown team whose obsession with talent evaluation and teambuilding sprouted from the many failures of his beloved Cleveland Browns. His goal is to one day say that he gets paid to work in football. In between being a Master's student at the University of Florida and working with DraftBreakdown, Mike also writes pieces for the ProFootballFocus.com Dynasty staff.

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