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2016 Scouting Combine Nuggets: Jared Goff Has Small Hands

Written by Bryan Perez on February 24, 2016

USA Today’s Tom Pelissero is reporting that there are early rumblings about California QB Jared Goff’s hand size:


BP’s Take:  Oh, what a great time of the year!  If you’ve paid attention to the NFL Draft over the last few years, you know that the nitpicking over hand size and knee mass will hit an all-time high this week.  Yes, I do think it’s worth noting when a quarterback’s hands check-in smaller than the position’s minimum requirements, but I don’t think it’s worth labeling as a red flag just yet.  Quarterbacks with small hands have a harder time holding onto the ball during contact situations; their diminutive digits cause them to enter the league with turnover concerns.  Goff did struggle to hold onto the ball at Cal, fumbling a total of 23 times during his career.  But in my opinion, you don’t pass on a quarterback if you think his arm talent and positional acumen is worthy of a first-round pick.  Sure, it would be great if he had above-average mitts.  But don’t let it sway you if the tape and individual workouts suggest he’s “the guy.”  Goff is projected by most analysts as a top-10 pick in the first round.

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