Exclusive Interview with Arizona SS/LB Paul Magloire:

Let’s start with your earlier years; you’re a JUCO guy who played at Arizona Western in Yuma. Talk about that journey and what led to your decision to attend there.

Magloire: I switched positions to strong safety and coaching changes. I worked hard at it and learned a lot. At spring ball, scouts saw me. I got interest from Arizona and then got tons after that.

You led the Matadors to a 11-1 record as a second team all American who had 101 tackles, did you ever think you’d get recruited?

Magloire: That was the goal. Make it to a big time school. I had faith in myself and I worked really hard.

When you got recruited by Arizona, what position did they recruit you to play for the Wildcats?

Magloire: At first, strong safety. I played strong safety until week six of this season. Injuries happened to linebackers and I was moved to WILL-linebacker and my production went up.

You told me prior to this conversation that you have both safety and linebacker experience, talk about you being comfortable at both those spots.

Magloire: I have a lot of experience, in the box, running gaps, being instinctive. I prefer linebacker.
You told me you prefer linebacker, why is that? Seems like you’ve spent much more time as a safety.

Magloire: The trenches, lot of contact, getting off blocks, making plays, showing athleticism. I feel like I have an advantage,
The hybrid is a coveted position nowadays, do you think you fit the mold of the “roamer”? Like Deone Bucannon and Su’a Cravens who were both drafted highly.

Magloire: I’m definitely a hybrid. Game is changing into a passing league. Players who can play in space are coveted.

Have you ever had any injuries?

Magloire: Only one tweak to the groin, nothing serious. Next game I had 15 tackles against Arizona State and most importantly we got the win.

You may be a tick undersized, but on film you’re aggressive and you play much bigger than you are. Why should scouts and NFL Executives overlook your size?

Magloire: I’m built well, been around other linebackers in the NFL and I fit right in. I have a lot of strength. I play aggressive. Right now I’m weighing in 225 but I look bigger.

Looking over your film, you look really fast and a guy who has a knack for finding the ball carrier. What are some of your other strengths?

Magloire: I’m a student of the game. I put a lot of time into studying. I love being in the film room getting on the board.

You’re a built dude, how much of that is genetics and how much of that is grinding in the weight room?

Magloire: Hard work in the gym. Putting up same weights as some offensive and defensive lineman.

You were invited to the East/West Shrine game, how was that experience?

Magloire: Awesome. Being around NFL coaches, talking to scouts. Being able to show I can run, cover tight ends and can do it all.

I’ve seen pictures of you and your girlfriend and son, talk about them and their influence on your NFL journey.

Magloire: They’re a blessing to have. I want to be role model for my son. I want to make him into a good man and introduce him to the game. My girlfriend has been very supportive.

I haven’t heard or read anything about you being invited to the NFL Combine, do you think you’ll be invited and are you currently training for it?

Magloire: I’m training for it, working my tail off. If I’m not invited, Pro day I’m going to show it.

From what I’ve seen on film, it’s almost a certainty you’re getting drafted. What does that mean to you as a player, a dad, a boyfriend?

Magloire: Being chosen and being worthy for a team. Being sought out as a priority. It’s a long time dream. For my family, they’ve been to so many of my games, they’ll finally know supporting me has paid off.

Keep training and stay healthy, good luck with everything.

Magloire: Thank you so much for seeking me out and giving me the opportunity to talk to you. It means a lot.

Photo Credit: 3 Point Conversion