Exclusive Interview with Purdue WR DeAngelo Yancey

Purdue WR DeAngelo Yancey may not be on your radar, but he has upcoming predraft visits with the Packers, Seahawks, Chargers, Titans, Bengals, Texans and Ravens. One look at Yancey’s game and it’s obvious why so many organizations are interested in getting a closer look at the Atlanta, Georgia native who finished with 951 yards & ten touchdowns in 2016, good for second among all Big Ten receivers during the regular season. To go along with this exclusive interview, I’ve included some video breakdown of Yancey’s game. Enjoy.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us DeAngelo.

Yancey: No problem guys, thanks for having me.

While taking a look into your time at Purdue, the first thing that jumped out at me was 951 yards & 10 touchdowns in 2016. Do you feel like you’re being slept on a little bit?

Yancey: I wouldn’t say slept on because I am garnering interest from a lot of different teams. However, I do think I’m being overlooked a little bit, maybe because we [Purdue] weren’t very successful in the win column in 2016.

Seven of your ten touchdowns in 2016 came from catches of 31 yards or more; 88 vs. Nebraska, 76 vs. Wisconsin, 62 vs. Penn State & 60 vs. Minnesota just to name a few. What is it that you bring to an NFL offense?

Yancey: I think that I’m a do-it-all type of wide receiver. I can be your deep threat, as those numbers indicate. I can also be your possession receiver. I can move the chains when you need me too. I feel like I’m the complete package when it comes to being an NFL receiver.

Yancey can certainly move the chains in a crucial situation. Facing a 3rd & 10 here while trying to mount a comeback, Yancey’s smooth stop-and-go route fools Iowa CB Desmond King.

You weren’t invited to the combine. Did that bother you?

Yancey: That definitely bothered me. I felt like I should have been there. I would have competed side-by-side with those guys. It has definitely motivated me throughout this process. I just put all of that energy towards my pro day.

Speaking of your pro day, I noticed that you ran a 6.89 in your 3-cone drill. That would have put you in some pretty good company had you been invited to the combine. I know you said that you see yourself as a do-it-all type of wide receiver, but do you see yourself making a living in the slot perhaps?

Yancey: I’ll play wherever they want me to play [laughs].

Yancey’s impressive 3-cone time of 6.89 comes as no surprise to those of which who have watched the tape. Short-area quickness & change of direction skills are on display here as Yancey picks up chunks of yardage after the catch.

Talk about your experiences at The Shrine Game. Was that experience helpful at all?

Yancey: Oh yeah, that was a great experience. I was able to go down to St. Petersburg, Florida and show the scouts what I can do in person. I think that really helped me out. Sometimes when you’re watching film, the game tape doesn’t really tell the full story. At the end of the day, you need to see a guy in person.

How many teams did you get to meet with at The Shrine Game? How many scouts would you say showed an interest in you?

Yancey: I know for a fact that a couple of teams checked me out down there. I’d say about 10 teams had their eye on me just at The Shrine Game alone.

Staying on topic, I know you have some visits lined up with the Titans, Packers and Seahawks among others, is there anyone else? Is there one team in particular showing a high level of interest in you?

Yancey: It’s hard to tell right now. I do have a lot of visits lined up though [laughs]. I’m just blessed to have those in the first place.

Which part of your game do you think you have to improve on the most in order to make an impact at the next level?

Yancey: I just need to be more consistent. At the next level, it’s a production driven business. You’re going to have make both the routine catches and the hard catches, and you need to consistently do so on every Sunday.

This would qualify as a hard catch. As Yancey once again gets the better of Desmond King here, you can add on another 15 yards for an illegal face mask at the end of play.

I like to mix in one fun question in here DeAngelo. Do you think a hot dog is a sandwich?

Yancey: I guess you could look at it as a sandwich. A hot dog is like a hybrid sandwich [laughs].

A hybrid [laughs]. For my final question, why should a team invest a draft pick into DeAngelo Yancey?

Yancey: They’re going to get a guy that’s been at the bottom and knows how to work his way to the top. I’m smart and I’m a hard worker. I’m an intelligent guy who’s not gonna’ put the organization in any type of sticky situation. I’m just going there to handle my business and do all I can do to help the team.