Exclusive Interview with Florida CB Quincy Wilson

NFL teams are always looking for big, physical cornerbacks who possess the length to disrupt the catch point in today’s pass-happy game. Look no further than Florida CB Quincy Wilson, who measured in at 6-0, 211-pounds with 32-inch arms at the NFL scouting combine. Despite his busy schedule which includes a number of predraft visits and private workouts in the coming weeks, Wilson took the time to sit down me for an exclusive interview. In our conversation, Wilson details why he feels he’s the best corner in the draft, which collegiate receiver is the best he’s ever lined up against, and oh, one particular math problem that left him stumped at the combine. Some video analysis of Wilson’s abilities are also included. Enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today Quincy.

Wilson: No problem man.

Now that you’ve had some time to reflect on the combine, how would you summarize your overall experience?

Wilson: My overall experience at the combine was great. It was kinda’ crazy with all the meetings that I had to do with the teams and all of the testing we go through, but it was alright.

I bet you were popular. Where do you think you impressed scouts the most? In the meeting room, a particular drill, or perhaps during the on-field position work?

Wilson: I think I impressed teams the most in the interview room and with my on-field drills. I know teams were pretty impressed with how mature I am. I think when it came to the drills, I think they were impressed with how smoothly I move for my size.

Wilson does move well for his size. Here, he shows off impressive change of direction skills as he recognizes the play call, and finishes with a big hit for no gain.

Do you have a preferred scheme fit at the next level? Do you see yourself playing more press man for example?

Wilson: I think I can fit any scheme. I can play press, I can play off-man, I can play zone cover-3. Whatever it is, I feel like I’m an all-around defensive back. I can play any scheme my pro team and defensive coordinator wants me to play.

In meeting with teams at the combine, did anyone envision you switching to safety?

Wilson: No team asked me about playing safety. Everything was strictly cornerback.

Where would you like to see yourself improve?

Wilson: I definitely want to keep working on my zone coverage and off-man coverage as well. Everybody knows that I’m the best at press-man but I can also get better in that department as well. I’m mainly focused on improving my zone coverage, and playing off as well.

There’s no doubt that Wilson excels in press. He’s not targeted on this play in particular, but look how physical he gets with his man off the snap. This route never stands a chance as Wilson blankets his receiver the whole way.

A couple of the guys I’ve interviewed have told me about some of the strange questions from their combine meetings. Jordan Leggett got into a staring contest with a scout. Did you have anything that you didn’t expect?

Wilson: Nobody got into a staring contest with me [laughs]. I do have one story for you though. The Cincinnati [Bengals] coach asked me if I had 37 cents with seven coins, what would I have? I wasn’t able to answer that. I didn’t know.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention in math class either. That’s a pretty strange question.

Wilson: Yeah, it was. I couldn’t answer that [laughs].

Your pro day went down on March 28th. Did you improve on anything from the combine?

Wilson: I felt like I continued to do good work in my on-field position drills. I think I impressed everybody with my drills once again. I showed everybody that my combine wasn’t a fluke. I was able to show off my ball-skills as well, I had a few nice one-handed grabs. I caught all the balls in that drill actually. Hopefully I made all the teams in attendance a little more confident in my abilities.

Wilson certainly possesses plus ball skills. Once again, this is excellent coverage, and Wilson turns an interception into a pick six. How about that stiff arm at the 40 yard line?

What challenges are you expecting to encounter in playing corner at the next level? Why will it be more difficult than college, and how are you preparing?

Wilson: I feel like the NFL will try and challenge me with different match-ups. The NFL is all about match-ups. They might try to motion and put smaller, quicker guys on me, but I feel like I can handle those situations. Those guys probably give me the most trouble though. I feel like that will be the biggest challenge for me.

While teams may try and motion smaller, quicker receivers to match-up with Wilson, there’s no guarantee that it works. Missouri tries to do just that on this play, and Wilson comes up with an excellent pass break-up on a slant route.

How many teams would you say have shown an interest in you up until now?

Wilson: I’d probably say all of them man. I met with about 20 different teams at the combine and throughout the last couple of weeks, I’ve spoken to all of the teams.

Do you have any upcoming pre-draft visits or private workouts?

Wilson: Definitely, I have quite a few set up. I’ll be busy in these next couple of weeks [laughs].

It comes as no surprise that Wilson is popular. Teams are always interested in corners that can blanket their man down field. Here, Wilson does an excellent job of getting his head turned around at the right time to avoid pass interference and break-up this deep passing attempt.

While playing corner for Florida, you got to face a lot of elite competition. Who do you think was the best wide receiver you ever faced?

Wilson: I would say that the best receiver I ever faced was Calvin Ridley from Alabama. I feel like he’s really fast. He’s quick man, he can stop on a dime and he’s a really good route runner. I feel like he’s the best wide receiver I’ve ever faced.

You had a lot of great teammates at Florida. Nearly your entire secondary is going with you to the NFL, but if you could only pick one teammate to go to war with, who would you pick and why?

Wilson: I’m bringing Jarrad Davis with me. Without a doubt, Jarrad Davis. I’m going with the linebacker man [laughs].

That’s a good strategy. I like to ask one fun question in here Quincy. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Wilson: Do I think a hot dog is a sandwich? Yeah, you could say that. It’s a piece of meat between some bread.

You’re the first draft prospect who answered yes.

Wilson: I guess I’m alone on that one [laughs].

I’ll let it slide. On that note, thanks for joining me today. In closing, why is Quincy Wilson the best CB in the draft?

Wilson: I’m the best cornerback in the draft because I can play press, I can play off, I can play zone, I can tackle. I can do it all man. That’s why I feel like I’m the best corner in this draft.