EXCLUSIVE: Up close and personal with Boston College star Harold Landry

Boston College pass rusher Harold Landry terrorized FBS quarterbacks last season by posting 16 1/2 sacks and 69 overall pressures. Now entering his fourth year wearing the maroon and gold, the 6-3, 250-pound EDGE defender is looking to refine his game during his final season in Chestnut Hill before making the jump to the NFL.

In an exclusive interview for Draft Breakdown, Landry detailed his surprising decision to return for his senior season. The Spring Lake, North Carolina native discussed the art of pass rushing in great detail with us, including what his personal keys to the trade are. Landry also discussed the different scenarios the Boston College coaching staff put him in,what position he sees himself playing in the NFL and a lot more. I’ve also included some video analysis of Landry’s abilities. Enjoy.

JM: We’re here with Boston College pass rusher Harold Landry. Thanks for joining me today Harold.

Landry: No problem. Thanks for having me.

JM: You posted 16 1/2 sacks last season yet in January, you announced that you would be returning for your senior season. A lot of guys who post that sort of production would have run towards the NFL, but not you. What made you decide to stay for another year?

Landry: Staying back to get my degree played a major part in me making that decision. I also saw the potential that our team had going into this senior year of mine. I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to finish something that I started with the guys that I came in with. Also, I went back and watched all of my film from last season and while I was able to produce the numbers that you mentioned, I feel like I left a lot of plays on the field. I have stuff that I need to improve on. It’s great that I was able to be that productive while not having reached my full potential yet. I was able to make some big plays for my team but there are areas where I can get better. Before I go to the NFL, I want to make sure that I completely trust my abilities so that I can produce from day one. Ultimately, you can see why the best decision was for me to come back to school. This year, I can work on refining my game before I make that jump to the NFL.

JM: Speaking of that decision, did you end up getting a grade from the NFL draft advisory board?

Landry: The grade I received from all the NFL scouts who were given that information was that teams who run a 3-4 defense were higher on me, and that was with a second round grade. Unfortunately, the 4-3 teams were lower on me.

JM: Really? That’s interesting. What do you ultimately see yourself as? Do you think you’re a 3-4 OLB or a 4-3 DE?

Landry: I definitely think I’m a guy that can play both. That’s one thing that I’m out to prove every single time I step on the field. I’m smart enough to play defensive end and I’m athletic enough to play outside linebacker. I can definitely play both though.

JM: So you’re comfortable in coverage?

Landry: Yeah, 100%.