UTSA CB Devron Davis hopes to channel mentor Patrick Peterson on NFL success

With each passing draft class, we see a number of former JUCO transfers turn into quality NFL players.

While the JUCO route may not be the conventional way to get your name buzzing in the scouting community, we’ve seen players such as Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton turn their JUCO fortunes into immense NFL success.

UTSA CB Devron Davis hopes to be the next NFL star to rise from the JUCO ranks. After leaving Merced Community College, the lengthy press-man corner weighed offers from some of the best programs college football has to offer, including UCLA, Louisville and LSU.

Davis spoke exclusively with us at Draft Breakdown about why he choose UTSA, the best receivers he’s ever been tasked with covering, his relationship with Patrick Peterson and more. Some video analysis of Davis’ game has also been included.

JM: We’re here on Draft Breakdown with UTSA cornerback Devron Davis. Thanks for joining me today Devron.

DD: Thanks for having me.

JM: You’re in your senior season at UTSA. Which areas of your game were you hoping to improve in?

DD: Footwork and eye discipline are my two main focuses right now. My football IQ always has room to grow as well. You never stop learning. There’s always more film to watch. I’m just trying to improve my game mentally.

JM: How are you working towards improving your football IQ?

DD: Film study. I watch a ton of film. I’ve learned a lot from my defensive back coaches. I’m lucky to have a lot of family friends I can lean on. I’ve gotten really close with Patrick Peterson as of late. I have other mentors such as Trumaine Johnson and Steven Nelson who plays for the [Kansas City] Chiefs.

JM: Did you say Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson?

DD: Yeah. After the season, I’ll be headed to Arizona to work out with Patrick. I can learn a lot from the way he plays the game, especially technique wise. Rod Hood, a former cornerback who played for the Tennessee Titans will be mentoring me down there in Arizona.

JM: How did you develop a relationship with Patrick Peterson?

DD: It all started with Rod Hood. Rod had a former teammate down in Tennessee named Lavelle Hawkins. Lavelle is from my hometown. Rod and Lavelle developed a close relationship while playing in Tennessee together. Rod introduced me to Patrick and we became really close over the last few months.