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Fantasy Draft Commandments

August 9, 2011

Draft time is finally upon us. The new CBA has been sorted out. Almost everyone is in training camp and working out save for a holdout or “mysterious” injury (ask Jeremy Maclin). The Hall of Fame induction speeches were made, inductees cried, and no HOF game was played. Preseason games start this week and we get to see who is gelling with their new team and who isn’t.


Now is the time our wives, girlfriends, children, and non-football friends just shake their heads and ask us why fantasy football? Many of us with this madness can’t wait to draft. This is when the hours of scheming, studying, game watching, reading countless blogs, and listening to podcasts, finally get rewarded.


Many fantasy football drafts have already started and will continue up through September, so I thought it might be a good time to figure out some rules to (read more…)

Players who received help from Free Agent signings and trades

August 3, 2011

Sometimes in fantasy, it is not always about the new player joining a team. It is about how the new player fits in with the existing players and what nightmares it causes for opposing defenses. Many years ago, a rookie named Randy Moss joined the Minnesota Vikings. Moss was fantastic at helping draw defenses away for the other skill players by stretching the secondary, which caused more running lanes and quicker developing routes. Cris Carter, Jake Reed, Robert Smith, and a host of QBs were the beneficiaries of a young Randy Moss. There are several players that will have better seasons because of a team’s new found synergy aka the combined action or functioning caused by the influx of new talent due to free agency and trades. In this article, we will explore three players: Jay Cutler, Chris Wells, and Cam Newton that will all get to experience this synergy (read more…)

Why fantasy football and why is this guy writing about it?

August 1, 2011

Fantasy Football

First of all, welcome to fantasy football talk at Draft Breakdown. There are great guys here writing about college players, what makes them tick, and how well they will transition to the pros, and so on. You love football and want to know more, as that is why you are here. I’m the nutty guy who is quoting and looking up stats, watching every NFL game, taking notes, checking twitter constantly, and cyber stalking Adam Schefter (ESPN) and Jason LaCanfora (NFLN) to gain all the insight I can. Yes, my friends, I am a fantasy football fiend.


How did I get this way and how am I going to help those of you who want more football get there? I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and raised on football in Northeast Ohio, 30 minutes from the Hall of Fame. I had a football in my crib, no (read more…)

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