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Andrew is an avid follower of the NFL and takes great interest in the NFL Draft. He has a background in football, and enjoys the process of watching and evaluating talent. Andrew appreciates the challenge that comes with scouting, and aspires to one day be a part of the decision making process for a team.

Damontre Moore Evaluation

January 1, 2013


Just the other day, it was announced that Texas A&M DE Damontre Moore was going to declare for the 2013 NFL Draft. He adds even more depth to what looks like an extremely talented pass rushing class. Scouts are surely going to love the fact that Moore has tape at both OLB (which he played prior to the 2012 season) as well as at DE, which he predominately played this season. Moore impressed last year, but really shined this year, as he tallied 12.5 sacks and 20 tackles for loss. He also led the Aggies in total tackles with 80. This tackle number doesn’t come as a major surprise to me after watching him, because one of the things that stands out most about Moore is the fact that his motor is constantly running. He consistently shows open field range, and max effort in pursuit. As a result, Moore has (read more…)

The State of Sharrif Floyd

December 20, 2012


Sharrif Floyd signed with Florida as a 5 star recruit, and the top rated defensive tackle in his recruiting class. His Freshman year, he immediately showed great promise. He worked in as a rotational player for most of the season, but he earned the start in the Outback Bowl vs. Penn State, and he was eventually named to the 2010 Coaches’ All Freshman SEC Team. Going into his Sophomore season, he was pegged as an Athlon Sports Pre-Season All 2nd Team defensive lineman. With some experience under his belt from Freshman year, and a starting role all to himself, this appeared to be a promising year for Floyd. However, in his first year as Florida’s Head Coach, Will Muschamp made what I would consider to be a questionable call in regards to Floyd and his development as an NFL prospect. Due to injury and depth issues, the 6’3 300 pound (read more…)

SEC Speed at DT

December 14, 2012


Sheldon Richardson enrolled at Missouri as a 5 star recruit, but up until this year, he failed to make a major name for himself. After transferring from a Junior College, and being redshirted due to a wrist injury in 2010, Richardson spent much of 2011 in a rotational role as he battled a shoulder injury. In this role he was able to make several flash plays, but failed to be a consistent force. Early this year, Richardson finally gained the attention of the national media, but it was more due to his comments as opposed to his on field performance. However, this would change very quickly as Richardson more than managed to make a name for himself with his spectacular play.

One thing that stood out in my review of Richardson was just how explosive he was. His first step off the line is incredibly quick, (read more…)

Hide and SeeKeKe

December 12, 2012


Prior to this season, many people had LSU DE Barkevious Mingo pegged as a Top 5 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. There’s no mystery as to how he obtained this billing. The 6’5 240 pound Mingo possess a sleek frame with long limbs. He reportedly runs a sub 4.5 40 yard dash, and even more importantly, he explodes off the football. As a Sophomore in 2011, Mingo racked up 8 sacks, and tallied 15 tackles for loss. As he added weight to his frame, and fine-tuned his game in the offseason, the only place to go was up.  However, despite being named 2nd Team All-SEC this season, most people have been left asking, “Where’s Mingo?” This is due to the fact that this year has fallen far short of expectations, as Mingo saw a dip in both sacks, and tackles for loss, totaling 4 and 5.5 respectively.

(read more…)

Gone Fishin’

November 24, 2012

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Iowa

Much of the early discussion about Offensive Tackles in the 2013 Draft has centered on Texas A&M’s fantastic junior duo of Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews, and all of their acclaim is well deserved. In addition to that pair, Michigan Junior OT Taylor Lewan has also received high praise. Lewan is someone I hyped frequently before the season, but in reviewing play from this year, I no longer believe he is the best OT in Michigan. Now, this isn’t so much a knock on Lewan, as it is praise for Central Michigan Senior OT Eric Fisher.

While I’d still place the 6’8 305 pound Senior behind the Texas A&M tackles, I’ve begun to think that Fisher is worthy of a  Top 15 selection, and I think NFL teams will too as they dive into more film of him. Due to the school he plays at, I expect him to see (read more…)

Evaluating Jesse Williams

November 14, 2012


The nose tackle is a crucial component to the success of a 3-4 defense. A nose tackle that can control the point of attack will allow other players on the defense to shine, and allow some more creativity from the defensive coordinator. One of the more skilled and widely recognized 3-4 defenses in the NCAA is that of the Alabama Crimson Tide. While the thing people tend to focus on most with this defense is the defensive backfield, mainly due to Nick Saban’s expertise, Alabama’s recent nose tackles have also been at the forefront of discussion. We can start by looking at Terrence Cody, whose massive size and potential left many draft fans mesmerized. Following Mount Cody, was Josh Chapman, who was of a much different mold. In scouting circles, the most common way to refer to Chapman was as a fire hydrant. He only stood at 6 feet tall, (read more…)

Fun With A Weapon

November 2, 2012

Julio Jones

Julio Jones had a big day in the Atlanta Falcons 30-17 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. The star receiver caught 5 passes for 123 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was a long bomb in which Jones roasted CB Nnamdi Asomugha. In looking beyond the stat sheet however, Julio Jones was a crucial element to two other touchdowns, both of which occurred in the first quarter. You may be thinking I’m talking about a big block that sprung a long touchdown run given Jones’ reputation as a devastating run blocker, but I’m not. As a matter of fact, Julio didn’t touch anything on either play, nor was he designed to get the ball. However, a combination of Jones’ presence and Dirk Koetter’s creativity resulted in the Falcons opening up a lead that the Eagles never even threatened.

The first play came on 3rd and 7 with 6:42 left in the (read more…)

Question, Ansah.

October 24, 2012


Physical freaks are exciting. When you read about them, you begin to imagine how good they’d look in your team’s uniform with just a bit of NFL coaching and refinement. On an annual basis, CBS reporter Bruce Feldman puts out his “Freaks List”. Some of these players are actually on the field forces, and some are simply putting up legendary numbers at their school’s weight room. Regardless, it’s something that generates discussion, fuels the imagination, and it at least piques the interest of even the most staunch “all I care about is the tape” evaluators. Most of these guys won’t live up to the dreams we all have for them, but for every prospect that doesn’t quite live up to expectations, another one rises to prominence.

Enter Ezekiel Ansah. The 6’6 270 pound Senior DE from BYU who goes by “Ziggy” seems to be making a tremendous push up draft boards (read more…)

Hey Lavonte

October 18, 2012


There are some guys who just don’t deserve to fall on draft day. It seems like anyone who has ever watched some film on a guy, knows he’s a bona fide stud, yet he still finds a way to take a tumble. Now, I’m going to take the injury factor out of consideration here. There’s just too much information we could never possibly know about this, and it’s often a valid reason for a player falling. Another potential reason for a fall is character issues, but that’s a controversial issue even amongst arm chair GMs, and not one worthy of getting in to in this article.

However, there are two other cases that seem to occur too frequently, and it results in some really good players sliding down boards. One of these reasons is the “small” misnomer. It’s true that some guys just don’t have the size to play like (read more…)

Mebane, No Gain.

October 4, 2012


In this post, I wanted to take a break from analyzing players in their rookie season. I wasn’t really sure exactly where I wanted to go with this article, so I just spent much of my “film time” this week going through all the games, and seeing what stood out to me. On this week, and well, almost every week, it was the Seattle Seahawks defense. Now, we’ve all had it forced down our throats recently just how good this unit is. The praise is well deserved. I’m not going to be talking about the recently made popular “Legion of Boom” defensive backfield of Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Brandon Browner, and Richard Sherman like you may be expecting. I’m not even going to feed you more on how big of a Bruce Irvin fan I am.

What I do want to do is give recognition to DT Brandon Mebane. I’m not sure (read more…)

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