Brandon Clark

Draft Strategies

February 14, 2010

What would you do?

You’re facing a defining situation. Whatever player you draft, has to be a star. Anything less than a star player will be a bust as the number one selection. This pick should define the look of a pitiful franchise and keep you from drafting in the top-5 next season, hopefully keep you out of the top-10. If you are one of the people with heavy input on this pick, then it could cost you your job in 3 years. This pick could turn out to be Jamarcus Russel. You can’t have that. You better not pass up on that player drafted late in the first that ends up better than everyone else (Ray Lewis, pick 26-1996), even though a Lb will probably never go first overall. How does your Big Board shake out? Is it strictly based off talent or is affected by need? Are (read more…)