Brandon Williams

Five Scouting Combine Sleepers

February 24, 2012


Every year, the top collegiate athletes gather in Indianapolis, Indiana to take in the festivities known as the NFL Combine.


The spectacle features drills, a test and interviews in which the personnel of 32 NFL teams determine future players for their squads. For the players participating, this could be one of their last chances (aside from Pro Day workouts) to show every NFL team exactly what they can do. For some, it could determine their future. For a select few, this event could be the determining factor of whether they are drafted or not during the NFL Draft. Or it could determine which round others may be drafted in. A spectacular performance at the NFL Combine could skyrocket a player’s stock, directly moving them up draft boards across the league. On the flip side, a bad performance could drop a player completely.


For some, a late round selection (read more…)