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11 First Round Predictions for the 2011 draft

April 26, 2011

1. Cam Newton


It appears that Carolina will draft Newton first overall, which if it does not work out, may set the franchise back five years or more. There is possibly an elite QB draft class coming out next year with the likes of Andrew Luck, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley. In my opinon Carolina is being extremely short sighted not taking a potential blue chip franchise player (Marcel Dareus, AJ Green, Von Miller, etc) instead at another position.


2. Overdrafting of QB’s


There are several quarterback needy teams, however there is not a single franchise QB in the entire draft. As a result quarterback needy teams (Carolina, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota, Miami, Seattle) all may overdraft the QB position if they take any QB in the first 20 picks.


3. Kyle Rudolph 1st round


Kyle Rudolph will get drafted in the first round but (read more…)

Scouting Report: Mikel Leshoure

April 17, 2011

Mikel Leshoure


Position: RB School: Illinois Height: 5’11 5/8" Weight: 227 lbs Class: Junior 40 time: 4.59 All-Star Game: n/a Team Captain: No Draft Projection: 2nd Round



Many consider Mikel Leshoure to be the back with the least amount of question marks coming into the draft and maybe the only back capable of carrying the entire rushing load for a team. Mikel had a breakout season in 2010 rushing for 1697 yards and 20 touchdowns seeming to only get stronger as the year went on. He had his best rushing performances in November when he went for 330 yards and 2 touchdowns against Northwestern and in the Texas Bowl taking home MVP honors and rushing for 184 yards and 3 touchdowns. At 5’115/8, 227 pounds Leshoure possesses terrific size, is wide hipped and thick throughout his frame. He shows superior strength in his lower half (read more…)

Scouting Report: Mark Ingram

February 24, 2011

Mark Ingram


Position: RB School: Alabama Height: 5’9 1/8" Weight: 215 lbs Class: Junior 40 time: 4.62 All-Star Game: None Team Captain: No Draft Projection: Top 20 Pick



In 2009 Ingram was far and away the best back in the country in leading Alabama to the National Championship and garnering the Heisman Trophy for himself. 2010 however proved to be a different story for Ingram as he struggled missing the first 2 games of the season due to a knee injury and then battled a multitude of minor injuries and setbacks the rest of the campaign. While still thought by most to be the number #1 back coming into the draft his injury history and the fact that he appears often times beat up are causes for concern. Overall though, Ingram possesses elite vision, instincts, awareness and balance which will enable him to start at (read more…)

Humanitarian Bowl – Prospect Review

December 28, 2010

A review of the prospects from the Humanitarian Bowl


Northern Illinois Huskies


Chad Spann, RB (5-9, 198 lbs) Spann lead the MAC in rushing this year with 1388 yards and 22 touchdowns while finishing the Humanitarian Bowl with 99 yards and 2 touchdowns. At 5-9, 198 he lacks ideal size for a back at the next level but does have some thickness through his hips and shows some strength in his lower half. Spann is generally a one cut runner who is most effective when is able to run north/south. He possesses good balance and keeps his pad level low, protecting the ball and not giving defenders much to hit. His instincts and vision are above average and he runs very hard and aggressive, which are probably his best attributes. Spann’s major deficiencies are his lack of explosion and elusiveness whether he is running between the tackles or (read more…)

BCS Bowl Pick Contest

December 21, 2010

Games Aaron Chad Chris Gil Matt Ryan Will TCU vs Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin TCU Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Connecticut vs. Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Virgina Tech vs Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Arkansas vs. Ohio State Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Auburn vs. Oregon Auburn Auburn Oregon Oregon Auburn Auburn Auburn Points 62 68 82 73 76 76 64


To Win

All you have to do is pick the winners of each of the BCS games starting with the Rose Bowl on Jan 1, 2011 along with the total points scored for the BCS championship game to be eligible to win.



Top Prize – $25 Gift Certificate to the Winners choice of Retailer (Amazon, Best Buy etc) The person who picks the most winners and is closest to the total amount of points scored (read more…)

Game of the Week Review: Ohio State vs. Iowa

November 28, 2010



Auburn Survives – The Iron Bowl was an absolutely great game and with Oregon surviving Arizona everything seems to be back on track for an Auburn-Oregon BCS game. If you go undefeated in the SEC I don’t think anyone can argue that you don’t belong in the title game.


Boise maybe next year – One of the best football games I have ever seen when the Broncos lost to the Wolf Pack in OT. Boise just ended up on the wrong side of it this time and while I feel bad for Brotzman, those looked like chip shots to me.


Alabama disappointing – All year I thought Alabama had the most talented team in the country and I do still, but they were unable to finish in all of their losses.


Bo Pelini –I understand that there was quite a disparage in the number of (read more…)

Game of the Week Preview: Ohio State vs. Iowa

November 20, 2010

Iowa will take on the spoiler roll in this game as Ohio State attempts to continue their March towards at least a share of the Big Ten title. Coming into this one the Buckeyes have won 3 in a row since their loss at Wisconsin on October 16. However, OSU’s last 3 victories have come against Purdue, Minnesota and Penn State, who are a combined 12-19 on the year. Iowa on the other hand is trying to and bounce back from an embarrassing loss to Northwestern in what I suspect was classic long ahead game for the Hawkeyes. Iowa will also be trying to avenge last year’s loss in Columbus when they were eliminated from the Big Ten Title chase.






Ricky Stanzi 6’4” 230 QB I have watched a good number of his games this year and I continue to think: nice player who generally (read more…)

Game of the Week Preview: USC vs. Arizona

November 13, 2010

In a week that there is no marquee game and given the fact that I have spent quite a bit of time in the SEC and Big Ten lately, I thought I would go against the grain and take a look at the Trojans and the Wildcats.






Stanley Havili 6’1″ 230 FB Known mainly as a pass catching fullback, Havili is actually a better blocker then given credit for. As I fullback I will be watching to see how explosive his pop is on contact and if he is as effective blocking the run as the pass.


Jurrell Casey 6’1″ 295 DT Is not seen by most to be in the top tier of the draft eligible DT’s this year but has a good sized frame on him, showing the ability to anchor on contact and demonstrating very good leverage. His main deficiency at (read more…)

Game of the Week Review: Alabama vs. LSU

November 11, 2010



Cam Newton – I hope that everyone realizes that as of today none of the allegations with regards to a pay-to-pay scenario have been proved. Can we please reserve judgment until that time?


BCS Championship Prediction – Oregon vs. TCU, with Auburn still having to face Alabama in the Iron bowl, as well as a SEC championship game, the likelihood of them escaping without a loss is very low in my opinion. A loss would open the door for TCU, already ahead of Boise in the standings.


TCU – What can you say but wow! I predicted a win by 2 touchdowns but I do not think anyone predicted a 47-7 victory over the 3rd ranked offense in college football.


Marcus Cannon – Excellent size and athletic combination, very few guys that are 6-6, 350 move as well as he does. Now he does need (read more…)

Game of the Week Preview: Alabama vs. LSU

November 6, 2010

Chose this as my game of the week because of the number of top more prospects in the Alabama-LSU game and even though #3 plays #5 neither TCU or Utah will make the BCS championship unless Oregon, Auburn or Alabama lose. Also easier to get tape on the Tide game, although I will be watching the TCU-Utah game.






Marcel Dareus – By most opinions he is a top 10 pick and for my money the most talented defensive lineman in the draft. I reviewed his performance earlier in the year against Florida and he was nicked up and I wanted to see more from him. This week Dareus will go against Barksdale, who a lot of pundits think may be a first round pick. This should be a good test for Dareus and expect him to dominate the less aggressive Barksdale.


Julio Jones – (read more…)

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