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Game of the Week Review: Michigan State vs. Iowa

November 2, 2010



In a week that was termed roadblock week, things went pretty well according to plan with no “Major” upsets.


Andrew Luck, head to head vs. Locker, Luck by far was the more impressive quarterback and looks like he may be able to step in next year and start in the NFL immediately as Sam Bradford has done this year. On the other hand, I am frankly getting tired of the Locker apologist’s. All I hear is he has not support, not talent around him, he has all the skills just not the players blah blah blah….. The guy simply does not win; he has looked inconsistent at the best of times this year and absolutely awful at other times. Yes, there are scouts who are still high on him but there were scouts that were high on Ryan Leaf and a hundred other quarterbacks the (read more…)

Game of the Week Review: Oklahoma vs. Missouri

October 27, 2010

Quick hitters


Cam Newton, definitely the favorite for the Heisman at this point, dominated a very a good LSU defense on Saturday. No, he is not your prototypical NFL QB and needs another year in college before he even thinks about the NFL, but let’s not be so fast in saying this guy has zero chance to be a QB in the NFL. I have watched three of his games this year and the guy has an arm, is pretty accurate and knows where to place the ball. No, he does not have good footwork or mechanics yet and he is a run first quarterback, but he is still learning the game and could develop into a player. Michael Vick and Vince Young both are capable QB’s in the NFL and at times dominant so don’t dismiss Newton.


Taylor Martinez, I hope his 5 touchdowns and (read more…)

Game of the Week Preview: Oklahoma vs. Missouri

October 23, 2010



DeMarco Murray He is getting some attention as a Heisman candidate. I want to see how he runs between the tackles, his balance and burst.


Ryan Broyles Many have Broyles as a late first rounder. His major drawback is his size at only 5-11, 183. I will be looking for how well he gets in and out of his breaks, route running and how he is in the air.


Blaine Gabbert Want to see how he plays against the number #1 team, what are his intangibles like, how well does he throw the ball and how far along is his footwork and mechanics.


Aldon Smith Coming off the leg injury how effective will he be, is he as fast off the snap of the ball and how well does he play against the run.




Tight game, Missouri has been looking (read more…)

Game of the Week: Arkansas vs. Auburn

October 19, 2010

Because of some difficulties I will not be doing the review of the Wisconsin victory over the Buckeyes, as I was unable to see the game or get a copy of it. Instead I will be reviewing the Auburn win over Arkansas, which proved to be a very entertaining game.


First off my thoughts on the Badgers victory over the Buckeyes, as I mentioned in my preview Ohio State had not yet played any team of substance all year and were playing a Wisconsin team with one lose on their record and needing a victory to stay on pace with the rest of the Big 10. Combine this with the fact that Ohio State had to go on the road to a rowdy night game at Camp Randall, all the pieces were in place for a Badgers win and that is just what happened. The Badgers were able to (read more…)

Game of the Week Preview: Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

October 14, 2010

Huge Big Ten battle when the Buckeyes travel to Madison to play the Badgers at the always difficult Camp Randall Stadium, where Wisconsin is 40-4 since 2004. There are many critics of the new #1 team in the country, claiming Ohio State has yet to play any team of substance (Miami now out of the top #25) and have only played one game away from Columbus (Illinois, where they struggled for most of the game). This will be the Buckeyes toughest test to date and they will go against a solid, experienced, senior led Badger team that once again is built on its strong running game, averaging 290 yards per game (16th nationally). This is also a game that means a lot to the Badgers as they are still recovering from their loss to the Spartans two weeks ago in East Lansing. One more loss for the Badgers and they (read more…)

Game of the Week Review: Florida vs. LSU

October 13, 2010

Full marks to LSU and in particular, their defensive line, who controlled the game and made Florida’s offense struggle all day. The Tigers definitely proved me wrong. However, at the same time I give praise to the LSU defensive line, I have to criticize Urban Meyer for being unprepared, unwilling to change and producing overrated recruiting classes.


Unprepared: How could be possibly not be ready for the fake field goal near the end of the game? It was unlikely that the Tigers were going to kick a 53 yard field goal even with LSU having one of the best kickers in the country in Josh Jasper. Additionally, Les Miles had called a similar play against South Carolina in 2007. I even called the fake field goal and I am no Div. 1 head coach.


Unwilling to change: Clearly John Brantley is not Tim Tebow, cannot run (read more…)

Game of the Week Preview: Florida vs. LSU

October 9, 2010

This game features a matchup of two of the most overrated teams in the nation. Florida got exposed last week and this week it will be LSU’s turn. LSU sneaked out a win in Tiger Stadium last week against the Vols in spite of Les Miles. However, they will have no such luck this week in the Swamp against a Florida team that got steamrolled by Alabama. While Florida is unquestionably inferior to an excellent Alabama team, in my mind they are definitely superior to a gloried LSU team who has wins over North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee teams all having down years. While I know that LSU can only beat who they play, I see this game against Florida being the first of 3-4 losses for LSU as they still have an incredibly difficult SEC schedule left against Florida, Auburn, Alabama and Arkansas. They will lose at least (read more…)

Player Profile: DeMarcus Love

October 5, 2010

DeMarcus Love

Position: OT School: Arkansas Height: 6’5" Weight: 315 lbs Class: RS-Senior 40 time: 5.18 All-Star Game: — Team Captain: — Overall Grade: -.– Draft Projection: —

Non-position specific categories

Category Max. Value Grade Height/Weight 6 – Speed 8 – Quickness/Agility 10 – Strength/Explosion 10 – Athletic Ability 8 – Durability 8 – Character 6 – Production/Experience 6 – Toughness 8 – Potential 10 –

Offensive Lineman Specific Categories Category Max. Value Grade Pass Blocking 10 – Run Blocking 10 – Awareness 8 – Hand Placement 6 – Pulling/Trapping/Second Level 6 – Footwork 8 – Leverage 8 –

Explanation of Player Grading System

The Breakdown

Love possesses excellent size, strength and athleticism. He exhibits decent quickness off the line however at times is slow to react to the snap. Makes use of his long arms effectively, as he does (read more…)

Game of the Week Review: Stanford vs. Oregon

October 5, 2010

The game pretty much played out like I thought it would with Stanford and Oregon being close throughout, and then Oregon taking over at the end of the game. I was surprised at how the Ducks came out early giving up 21 points to Stanford (not sure why, they seem to get behind every week) but as I mentioned, the Ducks just had too many athletes for Stanford to complete against.

Analysis of Prospects

Andrew Luck Best quarterback in the nation for the first 3 quarters but fell apart near the end of the game when he was trying to bring his team back. The most glaring weakness in his game is his arm. I counted 4 times he tried to throw a deep ball and each time it hung up, resulting in a ball that was knocked down, a completion, an interception, and an overthrow. In the (read more…)

Game of the Week: Stanford vs. Oregon

September 30, 2010

Stanford vs. Oregon

A game that will go a long way in determining the PAC-10 champion, this game features the likely first QB taken in next April’s draft, one of the best backs in the nation, and two teams that are expected to put up a whole lot of points. This game will not lack in entertainment.


Andrew Luck: The majority of scouts see Andrew Luck (if he declares) as the top QB in the 2011 draft. He possesses very good mechanics, high football IQ and good decision making, especially when compared to Locker and Mallett. This game represents to Luck a chance to prove that he deserves being the #1 rated QB, facing what will be Stanford’s stiffest competition of the year. Locker and Mallett struggled in each of their team’s biggest game of the year; let’s see if Luck can prevent it from happening (read more…)

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