Eric Samulski

Why Has Everyone Forgotten Greg Little?

February 17, 2011

He stands 6’3″ and weighs in at 220 pounds, but he has become largely invisible.


With all the chatter prior to this year’s NFL draft centering around the renewed dedication of Marvin Austin and the tremendous pass-rushing potential of Robert Quinn, there has been nothing more than a whisper in regards to their former teammate, Greg Little.


Before the black cloud of NCAA sanctions, suspensions and dismissals fell over the North Carolina football team, Greg Little was regarded as an influential piece of their championship hopeful team.


Although they had made their name on the defensive end, Little had been a force at wide receiver. He displayed soft hands, punishing blocking ability and unparalleled run after the catch skills on his way to 727 yards and five TDs in his junior campaign.


When the ruling came down in October that Little, along with teammates (read more…)

Is It Time To Stop Apologizing For Jake Locker?

February 4, 2011

He has nobody to throw to.


He has no time to scan the field.


He’s still has so much room to improve.


There are hundreds of similar excuses for why Washington QB Jake Locker has so far been unable to capitalize on his incredible promise.


Over the last season draft analysts, announcers and college football fans across the nation have raked their brains trying to find ways to continuously defend the strong-armed signal caller who was once regarded as the number one prospect in the nation.


Amidst all the clamor to stick up for the senior, there is one lines of thinking that hasn’t gotten enough attention: maybe he just isn’t as good as everybody thought.


Sure, Jake Locker has tremendous tools. He has a strong arm, an NFL body, unquestioned leadership skills and tremendous mobility. But the NFL has proved year after year (read more…)