Evan Davis Jr

Senior Bowl Week Day 3

January 26, 2011



Outstanding Performances


WRs – It was the Titus Young show. Excellent practice; showcased his sharp cuts and acceleration out of them as well as his precise patterns. He never dropped a ball and was badly beating DBs on short, medium and deep routes all practice


Austin Pettis performed very well. He ran great routes and really utilized his quick feet and moves.


Dwayne Harris’ athleticism had him catching balls behind him or way above him, in and out of traffic. Great toolbox, here.


RBs – Roy Helu Jr. had the best Comeback Practice. He was surprisingly tough in blocking and blitz pick-up drills and displayed how fluid and smooth a runner he is. Also showed a great nose for holes and green.


Kendall Hunter put in an excellent effort at the pass blocking and blitz pick-up drills, as well as showcasing his great (read more…)

Senior Bowl Week Day 2

January 25, 2011



DE Cameron Jordan was absolutely dominating. His hand speed and quickness was way too much for the linemen he came up against. In close he’s unstoppable; out in space, he has issues. Still not totally sold on him. I look forward to seeing him progress through the week.


TE Big Mike McNeil was a star today – great speed, toughness and hands.


Lawrence Wilson looked very stiff in the hips and awkward when he had to open up.


OL Nate Solder put on a clinic this morning. He showed good speed and technique as he pulled and blocked on sweeps and tosses. Very strong and mean in 1-on-1s.


Not so positive, was how LB Greg Jones looked in space; pretty lost.


WR Vincent Brown put on a performance that will have him flying up draft boards. Great hands, crisp (read more…)

Senior Bowl Weigh-in Results – South

January 25, 2011



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Senior Bowl Weigh-in Results – North

January 25, 2011



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Senior Bowl Week Day 1

January 24, 2011



Both teams practiced in helmets and shoulder pads. As the NFL Network’s Mike Maylock has said, “everyone looks good in shorts”. I agree.


Check tomorrow when the real practices begin…


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Senior Bowl 2011 Roster: South team

January 24, 2011

Listed below is the current roster as of January 23rd. Roster page will be updated as the roster changes. Check back for updates!


81 Sam Acho DL Texas 82 Danny Aiken DS Virginia 18 Anthony Allen RB Georgia Tech 57 Allen Bailey DL Miami 35 Ahmad Black DB Florida 60 Clint Boling OL Georgia 3 Curtis Brown DB Texas 17 Josh Bynes LB Auburn 77 James Carpenter OL Alabama 9 Charles Clay RB Tulsa 14 Andy Dalton QB TCU 27 Noel Devine RB West Virginia 85 Preston Dial TE Alabama 4 Zac Etheridge DB Auburn 87 Edmond Gates WR Abilene Christian 76 Marcus Gilbert OL Florida 12 Marcus Gilchrist DB Clemson 86 Leonard Hankerson WR Miami 17 Chas Henry P Florida 62 Rodney Hudson OL Florida State 56 Nate Irving LB North Carolina State 30 Josh Jasper K LSU 99 Jarvis Jenkins DL Clemson 8 Ronald Johnson WR USC (read more…)

Senior Bowl 2011 Roster: North team

January 24, 2011

Listed below is the current roster as of January 23rd. Roster page will be updated as the roster changes. Check back for updates!


95 Pierre Allen DL Nebraska 46 Christian Ballard DL Iowa 45 Jeremy Beal DL Oklahoma 73 James Brewer OL Indiana 23 Jalil Brown DB Colorado 80 Vincent Brown WR San Diego State 8 Kendric Burney DB North Carolina 68 Gabe Carimi OL Wisconsin 21 Rashad Carmichael DB Virginia Tech 20 Quinton Carter DB Oklahoma 74 Anthony Castonzo OL Boston College 25 Kai Forbath K UCLA 40 Mason Foster LB Washington 92 Sione Fua DL Stanford 79 Brandon Fusco OL Slippery Rock 28 Eric Hagg DB Nebraska 17 Dwayne Harris WR East Carolina 20 Roy Helu Jr RB Nebraska 90 Alex Henery P Nebraska 44 Mark Herzlich LB Boston College 51 Ross Homan LB Ohio State 24 Kendall Hunter RB Oklahoma State 5 Jaiquawn Jarrett DB Temple (read more…)

To Leave or Not To Leave…That is the Andrew Luck Question

January 8, 2011


Decision-making is what differentiates a college player from a college elite. It also propels a college elite into the NFL. Whether it’s a tailback finding the most efficient hole to dart through, instead of burying his head and falling forward, or a quarterback choosing the open receiver at the first down marker, instead of taking an endzone shot in double coverage, the art of decision-making will make or break a college player.


These choices and decisions happen hundreds of times a game; every game, but the most important decision happens off the field – the decision to leave school early or stay until one’s senior year is the toughest one.


Joe Montana stayed and is in the Hall of Fame while Jamarcus Russell did not and is currently unemployed. Sam Bradford stayed and injured himself in his senior year while Matt Leinart returned for his senior campaign, (read more…)

Top 10 Pac-10 Draft Prospects

January 5, 2011


Stephen Paea, Oregon State DT 6’1″, 311lbs. Strengths: Strength, Footwork, Play-Making Ability Weakness: Short Arms Notes: Another all-around athlete. He’s been beating double teams his entire college career and will fit in nicely in any 3-4 NFL scheme. Pro Status: NFL READY









Casey Matthews, Oregon LB 6’2″, 235lbs. Strengths: Play-Making Ability, Strength, Football IQ, Tackling, Coverage Weakness: Not Physical Enough Notes: Tremendous upside. Flies all over the field and always finds himself near the ball. As a MLB, he needs to be more physical, but as a OLB, he can contribute immediately. Pro Staus: NFL READY








Mason Foster, Washington LB 6’2, 242lbs. Strengths: Strength, Technique, Football IQ, Speed, Size, Play-Making Ability Weaknesses: Size Notes: An absolute stud. The best all around LB in the nation. (read more…)

Pac-10 Smoke & Mirrors (Seniors)

December 23, 2010

If you have a mother like mine (God bless her heart) who bought you “Nik Airs” instead of Nike Air and “GI Joel” instead of GI Joe, back on the day, then you are already familiar with knockoffs and unfulfilled expectations this time of year. Among the Ferrari car keys and diamond rings, Good Ol’ St. Nick is known to drop a lump of coal in our stockings during this Jolly Season.

This Smoke and Mirrors phenomenon also creeps its way into sports, more notably, college football during the holidays. The process is painfully predictable – seasons come to an end, stats are compiled and the overrating begins. Our media brothers are blinded by great one-time plays, soft competition, blowouts and padded stats.

As I attempt to balance the universe, below is a compilation of my Top Pac-10 Smoke & Mirrors Players. If your favorite player, or most sought after (read more…)

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