Josh Squires

Scouting Report: Bryan Bulaga

April 5, 2010

Bryan Bulaga

Position: OT School: Iowa Height: 6’5 3/8" Weight: 315 lbs Class: Junior 40 time: 5.25 Overall Grade: 7.26 Draft Projection: First Round

– Draft Breakdown Red Star Player

Non-position specific categories

Category Max. Value Grade Height/Weight 6 6 Speed 8 6.5 Quickness/Agility 10 8.5 Strength/Explosion 10 9 Athletic Ability 8 6.5 Durability 8 6.5 Character 6 6 Production/Experience 6 5 Toughness 8 8 Potential 10 9

Offensive Lineman Specific Categories Category Max. Value Grade Pass Blocking 10 9.5 Run Blocking 10 9 Awareness 8 7.5 Hand Placement 6 6 Pulling/Trapping/Second Level 6 5 Footwork 8 8 Leverage 8 7.5

Explanation of Player Grading System


One of the more athletic offensive linemen in this draft. Excels in pass blocking. Has the ability to push a defender inside to the interior blockers and quickly revert to (read more…)

Does size really matter?

April 5, 2010

By Josh Squires 4/3/10 With new decade, brings new fads. Running back by committee and wildcat are just a few of the styles teams are going to. However, none of these were quite like the craze of the large WR. Sure, in the past there were wideouts who were mismatches to any cornerback whom they faced. These days, tall cornerbacks don’t grow on trees and it’s rare to find one above 6 feet that can cover consistently. Despite that, the teams keep leaning towards drafting the larger wideouts. Ask most fans what they prefer and they will more commonly tell you they want the guy that can use his body to create a tough scenario for defenses to game plan against. While there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone is looking for their own Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. It’s very rare to find a player of their similar talent and (read more…)

Player Profile: Mike Iupati

October 29, 2009

Mike Iupati

OG – Idaho Senior 6’5″ 330 lbs

Pros – Mammoth of a man. Possibly the strongest guy in the draft and he’s barely been playing football. There are very few guys that will over power him. Is truly a monster in the run game. Uses his hands very well in both the pass game and the run game. Solid pass blocker. Moves fairly decent for a 330 pounder. Gets good leverage on blocks. Cons – Has only been playing since he was 14 years old. Footwork still needs work but that will come in time. Makes mistakes every once and a while due to lack of experience. Had shoulder surgery during the offseason. Final Thoughts –Despite his inexperience, Iupati should be the first G taken in the draft. He has as much of an upside as any other prospect in this draft. Few guys in this draft (read more…)

Player Profile: Kyle Calloway

October 29, 2009

Kyle Calloway

OT – Iowa Senior 6’7″ 315 lbs

Pros – Moves well for a guy his size. Zone blocking schemes will love him. He is one of the better run blockers in the draft. Uses his leg drive to open up holes for the ball carriers. Shows solid strength when getting into the blocks. Cons – Pass blocking is less than desired. His footwork in the passing game hurts him. Kicked to RT after his struggles in that department. Arrested and suspended 1 game for OWI. Final Thoughts – Calloway should be the next in the line of Iowa offensive linemen to be drafted. He moves surprisingly well for a man of his stature. Teams that run a lot or teams that have the zone blocking scheme installed will be looking hard at him. His pass blocking skills are not the best by any means though. That will (read more…)

Player Profile: Trindon Holliday

October 29, 2009

Trindon Holliday

WR/KR/RB – LSU Senior 5’5″ 160 lbs

Pros – The word fast doesn’t do Holliday justice. Once he gets in the NFL, he will automatically be the fastest guy. Very quick on top of that. One on one in the open field, very few people stand a chance at tackling him. His low frame also plays in his advantage when he has the ball. As a KR, there may be few that are better. If he hits a hole, he’s gone. Cons – Likely will be shifted to WR in the NFL due to beating RBs take. If so, he will be very small for a WR. On top of that, he is extremely raw on route running. Streak, post and screen is about all he runs as of now. Doubt he will have much success catching the ball over the middle. One big hit and he’s (read more…)

Player Profile: Brian Babin

October 29, 2009

Brian Babin

QB – Southeastern Louisiana Senior 6’5″ 225 lbs

Pros – Very efficient passer. Doesn’t make very many bad decisions. Has the frame to play in the NFL at 6’5 225. His footwork is one of his assets. Allows him to buy time in the pocket. Uses the pump fake to his advantage. At least half of the time, Babin will pump fake defenders. Solid mobility, will take off running if nothing else is there. Cons – Lack of competition. Awkward throwing motion. Throws low in a pushing motion. While it’s working for him in college, it’s unlikely it will work for him in the NFL. Takes a majority of his snaps in the shotgun. Maybe 15-20% of his snaps come from under the center and most of those are play action. Final Thoughts – Brian Babin is one of the best decision makers in college. It’s uncommon (read more…)

Player Profile: Anthony Sherman

October 29, 2009

Anthony Sherman

FB – Connecticut Junior 5’10” 230 lbs

Pros – Good lead blocker. Quick burst at snap and lunges into most blocks. Solid hands and decent after the run. Puts himself in harms way for the benefit of the team. Has experience playing LB which adds to his physical nature. Cons – Not very fast or quick for that matter. Gets over anxious at times and misses on blocks completely. At times he will dive at people to block them when all he needs to do is put a hand on them. Has his LB tendencies show up when he does that. Final Thoughts – Sherman is a physical player who likes to get down and dirty. He loves to hit guys and it’s clear in the way he plays every Saturday. There will be a couple times during games where he will try to hit guys like (read more…)

Player Profile: Javarris James

October 29, 2009

Javarris James

RB – Miami Senior 6’0″ 208 lbs

Pros – Very low mileage. Has great bloodlines in Edgerrin James. James is very shifty. He can cut on a dime. His agility, combined with his vision makes him a threat. Won’t hit very many home runs but is much like Curtis Martin in the way he nickel and dimes D’s. Cons – As previously stated, not a big home run hitter. Lacks elite break away speed. Solid at breaking tackles but usually tries to evade them instead of going toe to toe. Injuries have been an issue with James. Final Thoughts – “Baby J” looks to be a solid change of pace back. Should see some work on 3rd downs in the NFL. Lack of speed and injuries will likely hold him back from having a career like his counterpart, Edgerrin James. NFL Comparison – Jerome Harrison – Cleveland (read more…)

Player Profile: Ed Dickson

October 27, 2009

Ed Dickson

TE – Oregon Senior 6’4″ 240 lbs

Pros – Physical pass catching TE. Has great hands. Dickson runs smooth routes for a TE. Gets a solid burst off of the line making him difficult to jam. Quick for a TE which makes him a mismatch for most LBs. Cons – While he’s a decent blocker, it’s not his strong point either. There will be times where he blows his blocking assignments and allows a defender to run right past him to get the tackle. Final Thoughts – Dickson is going to make a team very happy as a pass catching TE. He is one of the best in the country at it. He runs the cleanest routes of the TEs not named Gresham. Dickson also adds a physical nature to the game where he grinds out yards. If he can put his blocking game together, he can (read more…)