Blaine Gabbert Preseason Game 2 In-Depth Breakdown

Written by Eric Stoner on August 28, 2011


Play by play breakdown and analysis of Blaine Gabbert’s second game in a Jaguars uniform.


The personnel numbering refers to how many tight ends and runningbacks are on the field. The first number corresponds with how many runningbacks are in the package, the second number refers to how many tight ends are in the package.


First Drive





– 21 Personnel, Pro Set, FB aligned strong


– Falcons in Cover 3 pre-snap. CBs playing way off, aligned facing the QB. SS25 clearly in box on TE’s side.


– 5 step drop. Z and TE both run posts.


– Drop looks good. Pushes off front foot, gets back quickly, and has proper stride depth.


– Overstrides on release (note him kicking his front foot out before getting ready to throw). Doesn’t fully step into throw, trying to use all arm. Result is a nosediving ball that doesn’t get to the open Z running a post.





-21 Personnel, RB34 split out as Z (2×2)


– Falcons playing base 4-3 against 3 WR set. Cover 3 pre-snap again. FS rolls down to slot WR side, splitting difference between slot and outside WRs.


– SLB runs with TE up the seam. Possible he could have had a man coverage call. But good job by Gabbert in recognizing that the SLB isn’t getting width/leverage towards the Z and hits the quick slant to RB34.


– Kicks foot out upon release again, but good ball placement on this throw.





– 3rd and 4


– 11 Personnel, RB34 split out wide, TE Wing (3×2), Empty Backfield Shotgun


– Falcons in Cover 1 (Man Free). CBs lined up facing WRs, ready to press and reroute. Both safeties start out deep, but SS slowly rolls down to TE side while FS starts rolling to centerfield.


– RB34 motions into backfield, aligning to weakside of QB. Creates 3×1 WR distribution. Note that slot WR is covered by a LB (54).


– CB motions with RB34, lining up across from him in a LB type spot across the line of scrimmage.


– RB34 runs a wheel route. Double covered by CB who was lined up across from him as well as DE who also takes him in man coverage.


– Gabbert good ball placement, but determined pre-snap that he was going to RB. RB34 almost makes a great leaping catch in double coverage, but drops ball.


– Remember the slot WR being covered by LB54? He runs a corner route and is wide open. He must locate this type of mismatch pre-snap, especially when the defense is blatantly showing man coverage.



Second Drive





– 11 Personnel, (2×2), Shotgun


– Z receiver motions across formation pre-snap, creating 3×1 receiver distribution


– Falcons with 2 deep safeties pre-snap. CBs Playing off and turned towards QB. SS rolls to trips side upon motion, FS rotates to center field. Cover 3.


– Bubble screen. Nickelback blitzes off edge. RB34 doesn’t attack Nickel’s lower body in pass protection (to force Nickel’s hands down). Nickelback jumps and bats down screen pass.





-10 Personnel, (3×1), Shotgun


– Falcons with 2 deep safeties pre-snap. LB54 walked out and lined up in man press against inside slot receiver. Nickel CB and RCB are both lined up in man -press. LCB in off-man. Cover 2 Man.


– Good job identifying LB/Slot WR mismatch pre-snap. Throws a good ball, hits him over the middle for 1st down.




– 3rd and 3


– 11 Personnel, (2×2), Shotgun


– Falcons with 1 deep safety pre-snap. RCB and Nickel CB lined up in man-press. LCB in off-man. SS lined up over TE. Cover 1.


– 3 step drop. Primary read not open. Stands in pocket and takes sack. Remember, the primary read is always in-synch with the QBs drop. Likely his receiver didn’t come open.


– Sacked on a four man rush. RDE/DT twist. LG picks up DT, feels the twist, and correctly picks up RDE looping inside. LT is bullrushed by RDE off snap, doesn’t notice the loop back inside, and never attempts to pick up DT. DT makes sack.


– From what I can tell, it looks like TE, Z, and X were all running medium/deep patterns. Slot WR I can’t tell, but it looks like he’s running a fairly deep route, too. W/the 3 step drop, I’m assuming his primary is RB34 running an Orbit route (covered).


– Onus is on LT for this play. Maybe the RB comes open on the orbit if it’s Maurice Jones-Drew. O-line must give QB time to get to more than one read against a four man rush and allow the deeper routes time to develop.



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