Blaine Gabbert Preseason Game 3 In-Depth Breakdown

Written by Eric Stoner on August 31, 2011

Fifth Drive

(Tied game, less than 30 seconds left)







– 10 personnel, (3×1), Shotgun


– Bills in Cover 4/Prevent


– LDE beats LT off the edge. Misses tackle. Gabbert scrambles vertically, gets first down yardage, and gets out of bounds. Again, this is how he needs to use his legs when he feels pressure and wants to run.





– 10 personnel, (3×1), Shotgun


– Bills in Cover 4/Prevent


– RDE beats RT, spins inside and splits double team. Sack – no chance for play to develop.



Sixth Drive (Overtime)






– 11 personnel, (3×1), Trips bunch


– Bills in Cover 3 pre-snap. CBs playing off and turned towards QB. Safeties at staggered depth.


– PA boot. Same play/concept (also same coverage) as play 5. SLB bites on play fake and Gabbert hits flat route for easy gain. Throws without setting feet and ball is behind WR. WR makes good adjustment and gains some YAC and a first down.





– 12 personnel, (3×1), TE+Wing


– PA boot. Bootleg action to the left.


– X runs a corner. TE runs a drag.


– Boot action left means that he either has to throw across his body, or set his feet and throw. TE comes open, but he chooses to keep running laterally into pressure. Forced to throw ball away across his body.



This is the point on the rollout where he needs to rotate his body and set his feet so he can make the pass to the tight end at the top of the photo. Instead, he keeps running laterally and the two defenders pressure him.





– 11 personnel, (3×1), shotgun


– Rocket screen to RB. Predetermined throw. Gain of 4.





– 3rd and 9


– 11 personnel, (3×1), shotgun


– Bills in Cover 2 Man Under pre-snap. CBs all lined up in man-press. Safeties are both deep.


– 3 step drop. Feels ghost pressure in a clean pocket and begins scrambling laterally to line of scrimmage again. Starts rushing vertically once he beats the contain defender. Tackled a yard short of the 1st down, but ref gives generous spot and awards 1st down.





– 21 personnel, Pro Set


– Bills in man-press pre-snap. Can’t see safeties.


– PA pass. Throws the streak to Shorts running a streak. Overstrides, but good ball placement – throwing to the outside shoulder because the safety is floating over. WR loses track of ball in the air.





– 3rd and 12


– 11 personnel, (2×2), Twins Right (Stacked)


– Double screen. Predetermined play.

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