Body of Purdue RB Sean Matti Found

Written by Gil Alcaraz IV on July 5, 2011

On June 3, Purdue Boilermakers’ running back Sean Matti was reported missing six hours after last being seen swimming around 5pm in Indiana’s Lake Freeman.


After he was reported missing, search teams scoured the shores of the lake but were unable to find the player. The search team was eventually called off due to darkness. Even the use of a sonar-scanner was unable to yield any results in the search. Door-to-door searches were also being conducted up until Monday night.


Despite the hopes and prayers of the entire Purdue football family, Matti’s body was recovered from the lake early this morning. The cause of death has yet to be released.


Matti, a fifth-year senior who walked onto the Purdue football program back in 2007, was only 22 years old.


Only a day after the anniversary of our nation’s freedom, the freedom of one our nation’s youth has been stripped prematurely. The 4th of July hangover has hit the Purdue football program harder than they ever could have prepared for.


We here at Draft Breakdown send our condolences to Matti’s family, friends and teammates whose lives have been affected by this horrendous tragedy.

Gil Alcaraz IV

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