Interview: Patrick Robinson

Written by Will Spencer on February 15, 2010


Robinson is a bit of an enigma for scouts. On tape, there are games where he is absolutely dominant. Other times, he can disappear. Robinson came into the Senior Bowl as possibly the 2nd rated corner on most folks board, but I’m not sure if he lived up to those expectations. Patrick took some of his time out to sit down and talk with me during Senior Bowl week about what his favorite coverage is and what receiver gave him the toughest time in practice.


Spencer: How’s your Senior Bowl experience been so far?


Robinson: It’s been good. It’s been fun so far.


Spencer: Was this something that you knew right away you’d play in if you were invited?


Robinson: Oh yeah. I knew right away.


Spencer: What is it about the Senior Bowl that is so appealing to you?


Robinson: It’s (read more…)

Interview: Jimmy Graham

Written by Will Spencer on February 15, 2010


A one year wonder or the next Antonio Gates? That’s what scouts are wondering as they break down the tape of Miami tight end Jimmy Graham. A former basketball player, Graham only played his senior season for the Hurricanes but produced at a relatively high level. At just under 6’7″, Graham is a huge target and he feels that his best aspect is his ability to catch the ball in the red zone. Jimmy talked to me about working out with Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens and how that helped his play as well as what he’s trying to show scouts while at the Senior Bowl.


Spencer: With all the extra fan attention around Tebow this week, has it been a distraction at all?


Graham: No, not at all. Whenever you go to college at Miami, you kind of learn to ignore all the distractions (read more…)

Interview: Danario Alexander

Written by Will Spencer on February 14, 2010


A physically imposing player at 6’4 5/8″ and 221 lbs, Danario Alexander led the nation in receiving yards for 2009. The Senior Bowl was his opportunity to show the NFL that he could play with the big boys. Unfortunately, an injury slowed him down at the end of the week and he wasn’t able to shine in the game as he would have hoped. What stood out most to me while watching Alexander during practice was just how hard he was working. I could tell that Danario was doing everything possible to make his routes crisper and he wasn’t afraid to put his body on the line for passes. I sat down with Danario early in the week at the Senior Bowl and we talked about what he wanted to show in Mobile and what players he hopes to emulate once he’s in the league.


Spencer: Overall, (read more…)

Interview: Jared Odrick

Written by Will Spencer on February 14, 2010


Versatility is the word that comes to mind when I watch Jared Odrick play. Odrick showed throughout his career at Penn State that he can be a disruptive force along the defensive line and he displayed the ability to line up as a 4-3 defensive tackle or 3-4 defensive end while at the Senior Bowl. Jared and I talked about where he fits in best in the NFL and how he found out about his Senior Bowl invitation. Read below for the transcript of our conversation.


Spencer: So far, how’s your Senior Bowl experience been?


Odrick: It’s been good. Busy. With all the testing, interviews and practice. But it’s been an experience so far.


Spencer: Have you had a chance to sit down with any NFL teams yet?


Odrick: Yeah, yeah. Quite a few.


Spencer: What’s the oddest thing the scouts (read more…)

Interview: Dan Williams

Written by Will Spencer on February 14, 2010


No interior defensive lineman helped themselves as much during the Senior Bowl as Dan Williams of Tennessee. Williams showed the strength and versatility to play several spots along the defensive line which will probably land him somewhere in the late first round on draft day. I had the chance to talk to Dan after practice early in the week. Here’s the transcript of that conversation.


Spencer: What are you initial impressions of the Senior Bowl?


Williams: First thing, I was just excited to be here. It’s just a huge honor, just being invited. There’s been a lot of great players here before me and I want to try to keep up with the tradition that the Senior Bowl has of sending guys to the next level.


Spencer: Has there been anything in particular the coaches have had you working on?


Williams: Just (read more…)

Draft Strategies

Written by Brandon Clark on February 14, 2010

What would you do?

You’re facing a defining situation. Whatever player you draft, has to be a star. Anything less than a star player will be a bust as the number one selection. This pick should define the look of a pitiful franchise and keep you from drafting in the top-5 next season, hopefully keep you out of the top-10. If you are one of the people with heavy input on this pick, then it could cost you your job in 3 years. This pick could turn out to be Jamarcus Russel. You can’t have that. You better not pass up on that player drafted late in the first that ends up better than everyone else (Ray Lewis, pick 26-1996), even though a Lb will probably never go first overall. How does your Big Board shake out? Is it strictly based off talent or is affected by need? Are (read more…)

Scouting Report: Greg Matthews

Written by Rob Engle on February 13, 2010

Greg Matthews

Position: WR School: Michigan Height: 6’3" Weight: 207 lbs Class: Senior 40 time: – Overall Grade: 5.31 Draft Projection: Late Round Pick

Non-position specific categories

Category Max. Value Grade Height/Weight 6 6 Speed 8 5 Quickness/Agility 10 6 Strength/Explosion 10 6.5 Athletic Ability 8 5 Durability 8 7.5 Character 6 5 Production/Experience 6 3.5 Toughness 8 6 Potential 10 5

Wide Receiver Specific Categories Category Max. Value Grade Route Running 10 6 Hands 10 7 Blocking 4 3 Short Routes 8 5.5 Deep Routes 8 5 Elusiveness/YAC 8 4

Explanation of Player Grading System


Big receiver with a lot of experience. Still has potential because he was never really given a shot at Michigan do to shoddy QB play. Has decent hands and will make most catches. Good body control.


Very raw and routes aren’t (read more…)

Scouting Report: Zoltan Mesko

Written by Rob Engle on February 13, 2010

Zoltan Mesko

Position: Punter School: Michigan Height: 6’4 1/2“ Weight: 240 lbs Class: RS Senior 40 time: – Overall Grade: 5.33 Draft Projection: Late Rounder

Kicker Specific Categories

Category Max. Value Grade Punt Power 7 6 Punt Accuracy 7 6.5 Kickoffs 4 3.5

Explanation of Player Grading System


Great size, even for a punter (not that it matters). Extremely accurate, and can still boot the ball with the best of them. Has a lot of experience as a punter, holder, and kickoff specialist. Most of his kickoffs (89%) went into the endzone. His name: who doesn’t like a guy named Zoltan?


Punt power isn’t always consistent, but it’s definitely better than average. Should have made the extra 11% of his kickoffs in the end zone (joking).


Has the best name in the draft, and isn’t too (read more…)

Scouting Report: Stevie Brown

Written by Rob Engle on February 13, 2010

Stevie Brown

Position: Safety School: Michigan Height: 6’0″ Weight: 211 lbs Class: Senior 40 time: – Overall Grade: 4.47 Draft Projection: UDFA

Non-position specific categories

Category Max. Value Grade Height/Weight 6 5 Speed 8 4 Quickness/Agility 10 4.5 Strength/Explosion 10 6 Athletic Ability 8 4 Durability 8 7.5 Character 6 4 Production/Experience 6 4.5 Toughness 8 6 Potential 10 3.5

Defensive Back Specific Categories

Category Max. Value Grade Ball Skills 10 6 Man Coverage 10 4.5 Zone Coverage 10 4.5 Tackling 6 4.5 Run Stopping 6 4.5 Hips/Lateral Movement 8 3 Physicality 6 4

Explanation of Player Grading System


A hard worker and good situational player. Brown probably won’t ever start in the NFL but he can be a great Special Teams player and possibly a nickel/dime back with a creative defensive coordinator. He made the transition from (read more…)

2010 Senior Bowl Photos – Game Day

Written by Will Spencer on February 7, 2010

*Photos by Mark Rutkowski*

(read more…)

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