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Five Undervalued Players of the 2016 NFL Draft Class

Written by Chris Nicolaou on April 26, 2016


There are always players in the NFL Draft who slip through the cracks and fall further than they should. Similarly, there are always a few that you are higher on than others: guys like Trey Flowers, T.J. Clemmings, Devonta Freeman, E.J. Gaines all fell to later rounds than anticipated.

I have five players that I think are undervalued and should be drafted higher than they’re currently projected. If not, they could prove to be some of the greatest value picks in this year’s draft class.

2016 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Kelsey Young, RB Boise State

Written by Pete Smith on April 26, 2016

Kelsey Young

Kelsey Young began his career at Stanford as a highly recruited running back, but part of a very deep group. Although he contributed and even had his own package, he was never truly a featured option in the offense.

After graduating, Young opted to take a post grad year at Boise State focusing on his MBA while playing a final season in college for the Broncos. In this final year, he got to be a much bigger contributor for the offense and be a bigger prospect for the NFL Draft.

Now, Young is trying to take his game to the next level and combined with an impressive Pro Day performance, he is a versatile option that can help a team as a back or receiving threat in addition to being a returner.

Pete Smith: How do you go from one of the most beautiful campuses on the planet in Stanford (read more…)

2016 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Carson Wentz, QB North Dakota State

Written by Pete Smith on April 25, 2016

Carson Wentz 2014 SDSU Looks Downfield

Carson Wentz led the North Dakota State Bison to back to back FCS National Championships and was part of the team that has won 5 straight. It wasn’t really until his 2nd FCS Title game that most fans were exposed to Wentz and even then, for most people it was the Senior Bowl.

From the Senior Bowl to the NFL Scouting Combine to his Pro Day, Wentz has continued to check boxes for a number of NFL teams while being a divisive topic between fans and media. Now, it appears as though Wentz is going to be one of the top 2 picks in the 2016 NFL Draft with a team willing to use a ton of resources to make sure they could land the Bison Signal Caller.

I was fortunate to be able to ask 11 questions of North Dakota State’s No. 11.

Pete Smith: What’s the feeling knowing a (read more…)

The Browns/Eagles trade and NFL “Moneyball”

Written by Justin Higdon on April 21, 2016

sashi and paul 2

When the Cleveland Browns introduced a new front office plan that included expanding Executive Vice President/General Counsel Sashi Brown’s role to de facto General Manager, and hiring Major League Baseball exec Paul Depodesta, the moves were met by predictably lazy and uninspired takes. The accomplished Harvard graduates have been dismissively called “stat boys,” media members have composed articles and tweets presuming to know what the “analytics say,” and the Browns’ plan has often been boiled down to a fire sale. These critiques appear to be lifted directly from the crusty old scouts depicted in Moneyball, which of course was a movie based on a book based on the analytics-driven methodologies of, among others, DePodesta. Given the NFL’s team salary cap, directly associating DePodesta’s baseball approach to football never made sense to me, so I wondered instead what would be the NFL equivalent to MLB’s team (read more…)

Exclusive Interview with Ferris St. DT Justin Zimmer

Written by Chris Nicolaou on April 19, 2016


When the ‘sleepers’ for the 2016 NFL Draft are discussed, the name Justin Zimmer is consistently brought up. The Ferris State defensive tackle spent time training with gold medal sprinter Michael Johnson during his NFL Draft preparation.

Zimmer recently attended the Houston Regional Combine, which is one of five that are backed by the NFL where prospects pay to workout in front of scouts. Zimmer also attended Michigan’s pro day.

2016 NFL Draft: Jonah Tuls’ Top 300 Big Board

Written by Jonah Tuls on April 19, 2016


The road to the 2016 NFL Draft has been a long one, but we are now almost a week away from draft day. It is surreal how fast time has gone by, but I am also thrilled to show you the top 300 players on my big board for the upcoming draft. If you’re not familiar with a big board, this is a vertical, overall ranking of the top prospects in the class, however, they are not where I think they will go in a mock draft necessarily. Feel free to contact me on Twitter (@JonahTulsNFL) if you have any feedback, and without further ado, here is the beast:

First Round Grades (22)

2016 NFL Draft: Ten Things I Think I Think

Written by Kyle Crabbs on April 19, 2016


We’re officially less than ten days away from the kickoff of the first night of the 2016 NFL Draft. So with that in mind, I think it makes perfect sense to take some time to expand on my thoughts and impressions of the 2016 class and Draft while borrowing from Peter King’s MMQB style in a “Ten Things I Think I Think” column.

  • I can’t remember a longer pre-draft hangover in the past 3-4 years of doing this. It seems like so many folks have run out of gas or exhausted themselves on takes. Almost everyone I’ve spoken with has at one point or another expressed an exhaustion in the Draft over-analysis or process, I’m not certain whether it’s the repeated themes or talking points taking their toll of if we’re just not really enamored with this class in general; but it’s been a struggle for many. I for one (read more…)

  • 2016 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Kyle Murphy, OT Stanford

    Written by Pete Smith on April 19, 2016

    Stanford offensive tackle Kyle Murphy (78)  before the first quarter of an NCAA college football game between Northwestern and Stanford in Evanston, Ill,  Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015. (AP Photo/Matt Marton

    Kyle Murphy was a 1st Team PAC-12 selection at left tackle as part of one of the more potent left sides in college football along with Josh Garnett at Stanford. This past season, the Cardinal were able to maul opponents and enable Christian McCaffrey to be the Heisman Trophy Runner Up.

    Murphy finished his Stanford career part of a class that played in 3 Rose Bowls, winning 2 of them. Now, the giant offensive tackle with a mean streak in the running game looks to ply his trade at the next level.

    Pete Smith: What’s the ideal weight you’re trying to achieve?

    Kyle Murphy: Yea, I mean throughout the whole combine, pro day, all that type of stuff, I’ve been anywhere from 305 to 310, so I feel good there. I’m just trying to be a good, healthy, lean weight, but just kinda the way my body’s built, and (read more…)

    Danzel McDaniel and the Journey

    Written by Jeff Risdon on April 18, 2016


    One of the great phenomenon in the draft media is the willingness to pick and choose which prospects get favored status and which ones fade to relative oblivion in draft season.

    It’s not that different from the odd cultural phenomena that emerge at college stadiums every Saturday in the fall. From The Wave to the “jump around” to the ubiquitous Seven Nation Army on repeat twice a quarter from every marching band in the country, they are instantly ingrained in the cultural fabric of college football.

    The last couple of autumns brought forth a new stadium sensation. Somehow, some way, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ emerged as a raucous, full-throated sing-a-long at college football games. “Born and Raised in South Detroit” broke decibel meters in nearby Ann Arbor with over 100,000 Michigan fans screaming along. I went to 9 different college football venues last fall and heard the 1981 pop/rock (read more…)

    2016 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Tony McRae, CB North Carolina A&T

    Written by Pete Smith on April 18, 2016

    Tony McRae

    Tony McRae was 2-Time All-MEAC 1st team corner after initially committing to the school as a tailback. After recording 5 interceptions as a junior, teams stopped trying to throw at him as a senior. McRae also returned a total of 63 kickoffs in his career with 4 touchdowns and an average of 25.7 yards per return.

    Now, the Aggie corner is turning his attention to the NFL and what he can do for a team on the next level.

    Pete Smith: Help me understand the way you guys play defense. I see you play boundary corner and then I see you in the middle of the field as a safety.

    Tony McRae: Okay. I play boundary corner because in the MEAC, the best receivers usually play in the boundary, so the throws are shorter. Our quarterbacks throw a lot of quick game stuff in the boundary, so the best (read more…)

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