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A Guide to the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine

Written by Bryan Perez on February 23, 2016


The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine is set to begin in just a couple of days.  The event will be covered from all angles by many different outlets, with player performances recorded, shared and discussed ad nauseam.  It’s truly one of the great parts of Draft season.

In order to really appreciate how a player’s performance can impact his narrative moving forward, you need to understand what teams are hoping to see.

Below is a breakdown of each drill and what an NFL prospect should be targeting as a minimum result.  Each position carries its own set of “minimums.” It’s not an exact science, but it certainly helps give the evaluator a tangible number to work with.  By using this breakdown of “minimums,” you’ll be able to gauge how well a player did by how much they exceeded (or were faster than) the minimum time.  It’s also good practice to compare a (read more…)

Complete Transcript of Mike Mayock’s 2016 NFL Draft Conference Call

Written by Bryan Perez on February 23, 2016

NFL Combine Football

NFL Network Analyst Mike Mayock held a nearly two-hour conference call with various members of the media today.  He answered questions about the No. 1 overall pick, the quarterback position, the depth of talent among the defensive line group, and much more.  The complete transcript of the call appears below.

Mike Mayock Suggests Hunter Henry is a First-Round Pick

Written by Bryan Perez on February 22, 2016


NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock suggested that Arkansas TE Hunter Henry has a chance to go in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft during a Q&A session held on Twitter on Monday:

Think hunter Henry has a chance to go in 1st…

— Mike Mayock (@MikeMayock) February 23, 2016

Mayock answered questions from NFL Draft fans and offered several interesting nuggets, including a list of quaterbacks who he referenced as Kirk Cousins (Redskins) hopefuls:


Deep group of Kirk cousin hopefuls- mid round guys – hogan; Prescott; Allen ; brissett ; Kessler ; Driscoll

— Mike Mayock (@MikeMayock) February 23, 2016

BP’s Take:  Hunter Henry is the clear No. 1 tight end in an otherwise weak class this year.  Not only is he an above-average athlete, but he’s a competent blocker in the run game as (read more…)

Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell NOT Running in the 40-Yard Dash at the Scouting Combine

Written by Joe Marino on February 22, 2016


Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell announced today that he will not be participating in the 40-yard dash this week at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Marino’s Take:  Speed was already the question mark surrounding Treadwell as a prospect and his choice to not run in Indy is a strong indication that he would not have run a good time. Treadwell did not state that injury was the reason but rather:

“I’ve only had a week and a half here (in Miami) and want to wait ’til I’m at our facilities,” he said.

I simply do not understand. The Scouting Combine has ALWAYS been on the calendar. Shame on Treadwell for just recently starting to train his speed. The Ole Miss football season concluded on January 1, 2016 and Treadwell’s immediate focus needed to be on getting himself in optimum physical condition to perform at his highest level (read more…)

Laquon Treadwell and the Chipotle Paradox

Written by Jeff Risdon on February 22, 2016

The line at Chipotle or on the Laquon Treadwell bandwagon?


Ole Miss wideout Laquon Treadwell is widely regarded as the top prospect at his position for the 2016 NFL Draft. Most every national pundit and draftnik rates Treadwell as WR1 in a class where WR2-10 are eminently debatable.

As an evaluator, I pride myself on forging my own opinion. I trust my own eyes and what I’ve learned in covering every draft since 2004. I’ve sat with scouts watching games and picked their brains as to what they were looking at, not just the “what” but the “why”. Former players have helped me greatly in scouting specific positions, too.

Yet I’m not immune to the groupthink, nor do I try to be. If many evaluators I trust and respect are all seeing the same things in a player, I feel like I should probably see it too. It might take a different viewing lens to find it, perhaps watching (read more…)

Myles Jack Ahead of Schedule in Knee Rehab

Written by Bryan Perez on February 22, 2016

myles jack

UCLA linebacker Myles Jack is ahead of schedule as he rehabilitates his surgically repaired knee, according to Stephanie Loh of the Seattle Times.  While it’s uncertain whether Jack will participate in this week’s Scouting Combine, he’s expected to fully participate in UCLA’s pro day in March:

Physically, Jack is ahead of schedule. His body has transformed thanks to a strict nutrition plan that has cut sugar out. He’s improved his pass rushing skills, is moving confidently on his surgically-repaired knee, and has attempted a full battery of NFL combine drills in training.

John Thornton, Jack’s agent, said earlier this month that he has not yet decided which drills Jack will participate in at the NFL combine, but they are certain the linebacker will be ready to test in all the combine drills at UCLA’s pro day on March 15.

BP’s Take:  Myles Jack is widely considered to be one (read more…)

Mel Kiper Raises Strange Concern for Browns and Carson Wentz

Written by Bryan Perez on February 22, 2016


According to’s Mary Kay Calbot, Mel Kiper suggested that the Cleveland Browns should have concerns as to whether Carson Wentz can handle playing in cold weather because he’s never played a collegiate game in conditions colder than 34 degrees:

Mel Kiper said one question about Carson Wentz for #Browns is that he hasn’t played in a game below 34 degrees

— Mary Kay Cabot (@MaryKayCabot) February 22, 2016

BP’s Take:  This is about as ridiculous as it gets and, quite frankly, is one of the most frustrating aspects of NFL Draft analysis.  I don’t know why Kiper singled out Wentz and the weather-related concerns.  Jared Goff (California) surely hasn’t experienced many frigid football games, nor have many early-round passers in years past (Jameis Winston, FSU; Andrew Luck, Stanford).  Wentz is a North Dakota kid, making it more than likely that he’s very (read more…)

Michigan State OT Jack Conklin on QB Connor Cook: He is a Leader.

Written by Joe Marino on February 20, 2016

cook rose

FOX Sports produced an article today with updates surrounding polarizing quarterback prospect Connor Cook and it appears that he is ready and fully healthy to perform at next week’s Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Cook’s shoulder that was injured late in the 2015 season has been 100% healthy for about two weeks, per Fox Sports. In the article, Cook also stated that the shoulder injury prevented him from competing at the 2016 Reese’s Senior Bowl. The article also provides quotes from left tackle Jack Conklin who came to his quarterback’s defense regarding his leadership and not being voted as a team captain:

“I think it’s people reading him wrong,” Conklin said. “I know (people) expect him to be captain, but with our team, we have 12 eagles that our team voted. There are 12 guys that are voted by the team, and then (read more…)

Could Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander Fall to Day 3 of the 2016 NFL Draft?

Written by Joe Marino on February 19, 2016


In Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller’s Pre-Combine Scouting Notebook, he dropped a scoop that gifted Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander is graded as a “Day 3″ player according to three different team scouts. The reasons given were his small size (listed at 5’11” and 195 pounds) and that Alexander never intercepted a pass in college.

Marino’s Take:  Well this comes as a major shock since most analysts have Alexander graded as one of the top three corners in the draft and a first round pick. Alexander, who I compared and contrasted in a recent article to Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves III, is someone that I view as a mid-to-late first round value. I truly do not feel size is an issue for Alexander; especially at his listed measurables. Even if at an official measurement he drops an inch and loses 10 pounds, it’s still not a concern of mine.

Mackensie (read more…)

College Scouting Director Expresses Concerns over Derrick Henry’s Workload

Written by Bryan Perez on February 19, 2016

derrick henry

Yahoo Sports’ Eric Edholm posted a fantastic article about Alabama RB Derrick Henry’s 2015 workload and how it will likely impact his 2016 NFL Draft experience.  Specifically, Edholm spoke with a Director of College Scouting who expressed concerns over Henry’s 400-plus touches and the history that suggests running back workloads like that rarely result in productive years the following season.

BP’s Take:  I’m not buying this.  At all.  I’m vehemently in the “it doesn’t matter” camp when weighing the impact of Henry’s workload in his NFL projection.  Yes, Henry’s 406 touches is an astronomical number, good for 11th-most in NCAAF history.  But his career carries are far from debilitating, as he’s only toted the rock a total of 603 times.  I’d be much more concerned if he was entering the NFL with more than 1,000 career carries; the wear and tear on his body would be an obvious (read more…)

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