NDT Scouting NFL Draft Prospectus Outline

Written by Kyle Crabbs on March 28, 2016


So you’re looking for a draft guide. Maybe you’re looking for some light reading material, looking for some kind of perspective of who your team selects in April, or maybe you’re just new to the NFL Draft guide scene. Don’t worry; so am I. This year marks the third consecutive season I’ve complied a NFL Draft Guide; my third annual NFL Draft Prospectus releases on Friday; April 1st.

What is the Prospectus? How do I evaluate players? That’s what I’m here to answer now.



Q. What is the Prospectus?

A. The Prospectus is a collection of 300 scouting reports, each one on an individual player in this year’s NFL Draft class. The Prospectus is a .PDF document available for purchase at www.ndtscouting.com for $10.00. The fine folks here at Draftbreakdown have been very gracious to offer me this platform to share some of my reports, (read more…)

Kalan Reed and the Lost Socks

Written by Jeff Risdon on March 24, 2016


One of the tradeoffs my family has made with me working from home while my wife toils elsewhere is that I get to do the laundry. And let me tell you, a family of four active folks generates a lot of laundry!

While I’m pretty adept at the laundry thing, I’m continually battling the war of the missing socks. Twelve pairs of socks enter the washer, yet when I’m done folding the clothes from the dryer there are invariably at least two solo socks without a match.

It would be one thing if this happened occasionally, but it’s every freaking load. Even when I just do my own clothes, at least one perfect sock couple gets divorced in the process of completing the load. It’s a truly maddening phenomenon.

I can’t stand seeing those rogue individual socks. In my quest to impose human qualities on pretty much everything, I (read more…)

The Draft Breakdown Podcast, Ep. 22

Written by Justin Higdon on March 24, 2016

The Draft Breakdown Podcast, Ep. 22

In this week’s supersized episode, Seth and Justin talk 2016 NFL Draft cornerbacks and safeties with Ian Wharton of Bleacher Report. Topics include Jalen Ramsey’s role at the pro level, potential shutdown cornerbacks, and the general depth of the defensive back class. Plus, the return of Hot Takes, and even some quarterback discussion to close things out.

2016 NFL Draft Scouting Report Hub

Written by Bryan Perez on March 23, 2016


Please click on a player to read their scouting report provided by The Scouting Academy:

ALLEN, Jack (OC, Michigan State) BLYTHE, Austin (OC, Iowa) BOOKER, Devontae (Utah) BOYD, Tyler (WR, Pittsburgh) BRISSETT, Jacoby (QB, NC State) CALHOUN, Shilique (EDGE, Michigan State) CARROO, Leonte (WR, Rutgers) CASH, Jeremy (S, Duke) CLARK, Le’Raven (OT, Texas Tech) DIXON, Kenneth (RB, La Tech) DOCTSON, Josh (WR, TCU) DRAKE, Kenyan (RB, Alabama) ELLIOTT, Ezekiel (RB, Ohio State) FULLER, Will (WR, Notre Dame) GARNETT, Josh (OG, Stanford) GREEN, Aaron (RB, TCU) HENRY, Derrick (RB, Alabama) HOGAN, Kevin (QB, Stanford) JONES, Deion (LB, LSU) MORRISON, Antonio (LB, Florida) MURPHY, Kyle (OT, Stanford) PERKINS, Paul (RB, UCLA) PROSISE, C.J. (RB, Notre Dame) SPRIGGS, Jason (OT, Indiana) (read more…)

The Frustrating Case of Ohio State LB Joshua Perry

Written by Nicholas McGee on March 22, 2016

Joshua Perry

If you look solely at his size and the results from pre-draft testing, Ohio State’s Joshua Perry appears to be the ideal linebacker prospect, but a study of the film reveals the former Buckeye to be a frustrating talent who is likely to divide opinion in draft rooms across the NFL.

An extremely well-built linebacker at 6’4″ and 245 pounds, Perry tested well at the NFL Scouting Combine and is more athletically blessed than he is given credit for. Perry ranks at No. 3 among off line of scrimmage linebackers in SPARQ score having run the 40-yard dash in 4.68 seconds and recorded an impressive 124.0 inch broad jump.

The body type and the athleticism appears to be there, as does the production. Perry racked up 229 tackles with 16 for a loss and 6.5 sacks in his last two seasons and there is plenty he does on film (read more…)

Joe Marino’s Initial Top 5 Rankings at Every Position for the 2016 NFL Draft

Written by Joe Marino on March 21, 2016

myles jack

I’ve kept these to myself long enough and it’s time to start releasing my rankings for the 2016 NFL Draft. In the coming weeks you can expect full positional rankings and grades with analysis on each player. For now, enjoy seeing who I initially rank in the top 5 at every position.


  • Jared Goff, Cal
  • Carson Wentz, North Dakota State
  • Connor Cook, Michigan State
  • Paxton Lynch, Memphis
  • Dak Prescott, Mississippi State
  • Wide Receiver

  • Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss
  • Tyler Boyd, Pittsburgh
  • Josh Doctson, TCU
  • Michael Thomas, Ohio State
  • Sterling Shepard, Oklahoma
  • Tight End

  • Hunter Henry, Arkansas
  • Nick Vannett, Ohio State
  • Austin Hooper, Stanford
  • Tyler Higbee, Western Kentucky
  • Jerrell Adams, South Carolina
  • Running Back

  • Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State
  • Derrick Henry, Alabama
  • Paul Perkins, UCLA
  • Jordan Howard, Indiana
  • Kenneth Dixon, Louisiana Tech
  • Offensive Tackle

  • Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss
  • Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame
  • Jason Spriggs, Indiana
  • Taylor Decker, Ohio State
  • Jack Conklin, Michigan (read more…)

  • Hanging Einstein NFL Draft Interview Series: Emory Hunt

    Written by Bryan Perez on March 21, 2016


    From the producers of Hanging Einstein:

    In today’s episode, we discuss running backs with a former tailback, Emory Hunt (@FBallGameplan).  Hunt is the founder of FootballGameplan.com which strives to call it how they see it, and not how you want to dictate it. They examine players independently from programs and conferences they play in, to really dissect who a prospect is regardless of what level they play on. Emory joins #HangingEinstein to share his journey of what led him to this point in his life, as well as some things to look for when analyzing Running Backs heading to the NFL.

    We are extremely pleased to be working with Draft Breakdown, to bring you an exclusive 12 part NFL Draft Special series. The guests will all be well respected NFL Draft analysts, getting into some details about their process. Things they look for, how they look for them, and how (read more…)

    2016 Draft Prospectus Preview: LB Myles Jack

    Written by Kyle Crabbs on March 19, 2016

    Myles Jack

    This evening I finished my final Off Ball LB evaluation of the 2016 Draft Class.  To celebrate; tonight I’m going to be sharing my report on the player who has stood miles (pun intended) ahead of anyone else in the class since all the way back in October: UCLA Linebacker/Weapon of Mass Destruction Myles Jack.

    I jumped the gun when news Jack was out for year, conducted full film eval already…he scored the highest film eval I’ve given in 3 years.

    — Kyle Crabbs (@NDTScouting) October 6, 2015

    Click here to view my report on Myles Jack straight from my 2016 NFL Draft Prospectus.

    This report is the first of several to be shared here at Draftbreakdown from my annual Draft Prospectus. If you are not familiar, my Draft Prospectus is a 300 scouting report document released on April 1st. If you’re interested (read more…)

    The Draft Breakdown Podcast, Ep. 21

    Written by Justin Higdon on March 18, 2016

    The Draft Breakdown Podcast, Ep. 21

    Seth, Justin and Justis take a look at the 2016 NFL Draft’s offensive linemen. Just how good is Laremy Tunsil? Which prospects are overrated, underrated and properly rated? Plus, the guys drop some mid-to-late round names who may exceed expectations.

    Reggie Ragland and the Decline of Hair Metal

    Written by Jeff Risdon on March 16, 2016


    Most people form their musical preferences during their high school years. My mother is a child of the British Invasion, growing up in the 1960s. My uncles were largely children of the 70s, and their tastes leaned towards vintage ZZ Top, Queen and Aerosmith. My older cousins were impacted by the pop/country and Southern rock of the early 80s.

    I was in high school in the late 1980s and my music was hair metal in all its resplendent ridiculousness. Songs about fast cars, faster women and living life with everything turned up to 11 was the overriding message from my musical heroes. C.C. Deville’s hair couldn’t be teased enough, Tommy Lee couldn’t act raunchy enough, Mark Slaughter couldn’t screech high enough. Sexual double entendres were thinly veiled in the lyrics and celebrated in the ubiquitous videos on MTV, back when that station still embraced the “music” part of its (read more…)

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