Player Interview: Aaron Dobson

Written by Eric Stoner on February 21, 2013

Aaron Dobson

Joshua Gleason is going to be sharing his player interviews with us. His fourth one of this draft season is with Marshall wide receiver, Aaron Dobson.

The state of West Virginia currently only has two Division I programs. That also just happens to be the same amount of NFL players that were born in the state; the great Randy Moss of the San Francisco 49ers and Derek Hardman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Born and raised in West Virginia, it’s also where Aaron Dobson has played all of his football. Attending Marshall University – a quick 45 minute drive from his hometown – Dobson plans on increasing that number of players playing in the NFL from his home state.

“It’s a blessing to have a chance to play in the NFL,” said Dobson. “I’m one of the few to make it out of West Virginia.”

Despite being blessed with prototypical (read more…)

Rontez Miles: Hammer Of The Gods

Written by Jimmy O'Brien on February 14, 2013

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While other schools selected animals, colors, or historical figures as nicknames and mascots for their sporting teams, California University of PA aligned itself with Vulcan, the Roman blacksmith of the gods, who created armor for various deities and heroes, and constructed the thunderbolts of Jupiter.  And, perhaps no Cal player better exemplifies the strength, toughness, and steely resolve of Vulcan more than safety Rontez Miles.  Although Miles will enter the NFL draft as one of the most decorated players in Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference history, as a four-time All PSAC-West selection, back to back Defensive Player Of The Year, and two-time Division II All American, his journey has been laced with struggle, disappointment, and challenge.  However, while he refuses to be defined by his past, he also recognizes how it has shaped his character, stating “where I’m from made me who I am today.”  Refusing to be the nail, Miles, (read more…)

Player Interview: Branden Smith

Written by Eric Stoner on February 14, 2013

branden smith si

Joshua Gleason is going to be sharing his player interviews with us. His third one of this draft season is with Georgia prospect Branden Smith.

Branden Smith is a rare breed of college football player. Not only blessed with uncommon athletic ability, he was able to play on both sides of the ball for the Georgia Bulldogs, something very rare nowadays in college football.

During his recruiting, it had been reported that the Georgia coaching staff showed Smith tape of former All-American cornerback Champ Bailey during his time at Georgia when he played on both sides of the ball. It was still a surprise to Smith when he got the chance to play offense for the Bulldogs.

“My freshman year, I was really amazed to be playing as a freshman on both sides of the ball,” said Smith. “My first game against Oklahoma State, it was shocking. They said I (read more…)

Player Interview: Malliciah Goodman

Written by Eric Stoner on February 8, 2013


Joshua Gleason is going to be sharing his player interviews with us. His second one of this draft season is with Clemson defensive end, Malliciah Goodman.

If you were to take a look at Malliciah Goodman, you would think he has been playing football his entire life and that it’s fitting he is one of the top defensive end prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft. However, Goodman is still relatively new to the game.

Goodman has only been playing football since the 8th grade. He hasn’t even played football for half of his life, only nine years on the field. Yet if everything goes right, he will probably be on the gridiron for the next nine years as well (at least), and now at the highest level.

“My mom didn’t let me play city league because she didn’t want me to get hurt,” said Goodman on why he didn’t get (read more…)

New Three-Round Mock by Jon Dove

Written by Jon Dove on January 29, 2013

New Mock Drafts

1. Kansas City – Geno Smith – QB – West Virginia More Videos of Geno Smith

Smith is far and away the best quarterback in this draft class. He might be the only one to develop into an above-average starter in the NFL.

2. Jacksonville – Jarvis Jones – OLB – Georgia More Videos of Jarvis Jones

Jones is this draft’s most complete pass rusher. He’ll give the Jaguars someone who can consistently generate pressure on the quarterback. This team desperately needs someone to fill that role.

3. Oakland – Star Lotulelei – DT – Utah More Videos of Star Lotulelei

Lotulelei is a nice replacement for the aging and expensive Richard Seymour or Tommy Kelly.

4. Philadelphia – Luke Joeckel – OT – Texas A&M More Videos of Luke Joeckel

Jason Peters is too injury-prone to (read more…)

Player Interview: Duron Carter

Written by Eric Stoner on January 29, 2013

duron carter

Joshua Gleason is going to be sharing his player interviews with us. His first one of this draft season is with wide receiver Duron Carter.

Duron Carter: Son of a Legend, His Fall from Grace, and How He Is Making Amends

Much has been made of the path of Duron Carter.

First, we all knew him as the son of NFL legend, future Hall of Famer, and Minnesota Vikings great Cris Carter. Next, his legend began to grow due to what he was doing on the field – part of a St. Thomas Aquinas team that won back-to-back state championships in large part due to the 14 touchdown catches Duron reeled in as a senior – and he became a top high school recruit. Duron chose to follow his Dad’s footprints and go play for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Next, as a freshman in 2009, he (read more…)

The Quarterback Prospect Shuffle

Written by Jon Dove on January 10, 2013


The fact the 2013 NFL Draft doesn’t have a clear-cut No. 1 quarterback prospect makes this draft very interesting. Look for the last half of the first round to include a mad scramble of trades. This is what happens when a quarterback class features prospects so closely graded.

Let’s first look at the different quarterback prospects. West Virginia’s Geno Smith is the only quarterback I have with a solid first-round grade. He represents the most balance between NFL readiness and upside.

Smith is generating the most buzz as the potential No. 1 overall pick. The workouts and interviews will be key to where he lands. This is a good sign for Smith, as he boasts a high football IQ and displays leadership.

After Smith, the rest of the group is jumbled together as early second-round prospects. This group includes Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, (read more…)

Don’t Forget Buchanan

Written by Andrew Parsons on January 8, 2013


The first round isn’t the only place to find a stud in the NFL Draft. Sometimes, players just fall right into a team’s lap. This is where a team can hit a homerun and get a difference maker much lower in the draft than they should have. In this year’s class, one player in particular stands out to me as a potential match for that description. That player is Illinois DE/OLB Michael Buchanan. My #2 overall prospect in this year’s class is Oregon DE Dion Jordan. When I was watching film over the summer, I felt as if based on his Junior season tape, Michael Buchanan was just a tick behind Jordan, and was potential more developed as a pure pass rusher. In the 2012 Draft, the other Illinois DE, Whitney Mercilus, went #26 overall to the Houston Texans, and I felt as if Buchanan was a vastly superior player. (read more…)

New Two-Round Mock by Jon Dove

Written by Jon Dove on January 5, 2013

New Mock Drafts

The 2013 NFL Draft is just around the corner, and that means you can expect to see a large number of mock drafts. Don’t overlook the mocks that come out this early, because they’re typically based more on the writers’ takes on the prospects.

As we get closer to the draft, rumors about which players teams are targeting really start to influence the world of mocks.

1. Kansas City – Luke Joeckel – OT – Texas A&M More Videos of Luke Joeckel

Andy Reid knows how much a shaky offensive line can impact an offense.

2. Jacksonville – Jarvis Jones – OLB – Georgia More Videos of Jarvis Jones

The Jags need someone who can generate pressure on the quarterback.

3. Oakland – Star Lotulelei – DT – Utah More Videos of Star Lotulelei

Oakland just needs a young stud to (read more…)

Dion Sims Evaluation

Written by Andrew Parsons on January 3, 2013

Dion Sims

Yesterday, according to Joe Schad, Michigan State TE Dion Sims declared for the NFL Draft as many have long expected. Sims didn’t put up monster stats his Junior season, but he most likely realized that he was unlikely to see a massive increase in his production his Senior year with the Michigan State offense being far from a juggernaut. In fact, more often than one would expect of a TE in today’s game, Sims stayed in as a blocker on passing plays, which certainly hindered his potential production. Much of the intrigue that will come with Sims is due to the fact that he’s 6’6 and 285 pounds. While with that size, you definitely would expect him to be a mauling in-line blocker, Sims has also showcased soft hands and ability in the open field during this past season.

Despite his massive size, I was (read more…)

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