Easter Mock Draft by Will Spencer

Written by Will Spencer on April 20, 2014

Jim Harbaugh

As a fun holiday gift, here’s a brand new mock draft that includes some major trades. In this mock, the 49ers have clearly made the decision to plan for life without Aldon Smith and make a major move all the way up to #2 to grab Jadeveon Clowney. To do this, they give St. Louis picks 30 (Round 1), 56 (Round 2), 77 (Round 3) and 2015’s 1st round pick. Pick 56 was obtained by the 49ers from Kansas City and pick 77 came from Tennessee, so even after this trade, they still have three picks in rounds 2-3 (61, 94 and 100). Since the Rams already hold the 13th pick in the draft, they’re happy to continue to build their young and talented team through the draft.

Minnesota moves back to #13 and still picks up Teddy Bridgewater. The Rams chose to move up from #13 after just trading (read more…)

Mock Draft Cheat Sheet

Written by Will Spencer on April 18, 2014


Putting together a mock draft of your own? Here’s a handy cheat sheet to help you quickly examine a team’s needs, what picks they have to use and/or trade as well as links to the team’s depth chart on Our Lads! There are only a few weeks left until the 2014 NFL Draft, so time to finish up those last minute mock drafts!

Don’t forget to check out the Draft Value Chart, thanks to our friends at Our Lads!

DB Quick Hits – Crockett Gillmore

Written by Aaron Aloysius on March 26, 2014

DB Quick Hits – Crockett Gillmore

  Player Page for Crockett Gillmore

Jon Dove’s Defensive Prospect Man Crushes

Written by Jon Dove on March 21, 2014


Every year, a handful of under the radar prospects catch my eye and become my draft man crushes. This draft season, I’m especially intrigued by the remarkable defensive talents who receive little pub.   I’d be willing to pound the table for these guys. While they aren’t highly regarded by everyone in the draft community, I believe they will have excellent NFL careers.   Robert Nelson — Cornerback — Arizona State

Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use a second-round pick on Nelson. The Sun Devil defensive back is a smooth athlete who can really stick with his target. He reminds me of a less heralded version of TCU’s Jason Verrett, as both players do a great job limiting separation by the wideout.

Nelson also is a versatile defender, excelling in both man and zone coverage. In man, he uses his quickness and long arms to stick with (read more…)

Post-Free Agency Mock by Matt Mochal

Written by Matthew Mochal on March 20, 2014

Mock Draft

With the top free agents now locked in with their ’14 clubs, Matt Mochal gives us a look at his latest mock draft.

Be sure to tweet Matt your thoughts and questions at @aSabotageItIs.  

DB Quick Hits – Nikita Whitlock

Written by Aaron Aloysius on March 19, 2014

DB Quick Hits – Nikita Whitlock

  Player Page for Nikita Whitlock

Edge Rankings by Aimal Arsalla

Written by Aimal Arsalla on March 18, 2014

Demarcus Lawrence

New Mock Draft by Jon Dove

Written by Jon Dove on February 28, 2014

Mock Draft

Jon Dove shares with us his latest mock draft! Be sure to tweet him your thoughts and questions at @Jon_Dove42.  

Math Rushers

Written by Justis Mosqueda on February 27, 2014

Justin Houston

Math Rushers: Waldo

“Box score scouting” is as or more dangerous in the sport of football as any other on Earth. With 22 moving parts on any given play, it’s hard to come up with a metric to compare and/or contrast players that aren’t influenced by the system the player plays in, the strength of his opponent, or the strength of the teammates next to him.

The most important day for football evaluations comes in the spring: the NFL Draft. Teams hedge their futures on players. One single player can elevate the entire franchise to another level, ending up in raises or championships for those around them, as well as for himself.

On the contrast, some set a team back for years as they’re forced into the lineups due to their investment value. Imagine how different Buffalo would have been like had they taken Brian Orakpo or Clay (read more…)

The Case for Logan Thomas

Written by Spencer on February 21, 2014

Logan Thomas - Featured

Once hyped as the next big thing, Logan Thomas is now readily dismissed by a number of analysts.

After two very up & down seasons, it’s understandable why the excitement about the VaTech QB’s declined, but much of what’s said by his most ardent critics simply isn’t accurate.

The physical tools that once intrigued so many didn’t disappear — Thomas still possesses the ability to be an NFL quarterback, and a good one too.

Over the next couple pages, I’ll take a look at some of the more prominent NFL traits Thomas possesses.

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