Chad Davis 1st Round Mock – March 26th

Written by Chad Davis on March 26, 2011

17. New England Patriots (from Oakland) New England Patriots

JJ WattJJ Watt – DE – Wisconsin 

Somehow this always happens. New England just hangs around and snags a player who should have gone higher. It can’t just be luck. They do it again here with Watt who has top 10-type talent and will be effective right away.

18. San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers

Cameron JordanCameron Jordan – DE – California 

Another player who has slid farther than anticipated, Jordan will fit perfectly in a Chargers defense looking for rush linebackers and defensive ends. Jordan has the type of versatility to be effective on the outside in a 3-4 scheme.

19. New York Giants New York Giants

Anthony CastonzoAnthony Castonzo – OT – Boston College 

About as consensus as a #19 pick can get, Castonzo just makes too much sense. The Giants need a huge upgrade upfront on offense, and Castonzo has the talent to anchor that line. Liuget also a possibility here if available.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Adrian ClaybornAdrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa 

Clayborn’s stock has been all over the place, but seems to be on the rise at the moment. If he can regain his form from 2009 (70 tkls, 20 tfl, 11.5 sacks) this could be a steal for the Bucs. A birth defect in his shoulder is a concern.

21. Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs

Phil TaylorPhil Taylor – DT – Baylor 

A perfect sheme fit for Kansas City, Taylor has been on the upswing ever since the Senior Bowl. True nose tackles are difficult to find and Taylor is not only a load, but has the quickness to be disruptive as well.

22. Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts

Nate SolderNate Solder – OT – Colorado 

I like Gabe Carimi more than Solder, but in a zone blocking scheme Solder is the better fit. He’s athletic enough to pull and get outside and is an excellent second level blocker. I think the Colts would be thrilled with this pick.

23. Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles

Gabe CarimiGabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin 

Another fit that makes too much sense. Carimi is good enough to play LT but perhaps best suited as RT, which in Philadelphia with the left-handed Vick is a more important position. If he’s gone look for possibly a CB here.

24. New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints

Justin HoustonJustin Houston – DE/OLB – Georgia 

Houston has experience as a defensive end and outside linebacker, and that versatility could be key for the Saints who have needs at both positions. The signing of Shaun Rogers takes away the need for a DT here.

25. Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks

Muhammed WilkersonMuhammad Wilkerson – DT – Temple 

With Carimi off the board just a few picks earlier, the Seahawks turn to the defensive line. With Brandon Mebane a question to return, the Hawks desperatley need to add playmakers at DT. QB and OG are also possibilities.

26. Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens

Allen BaileyAllen Bailey – DE – Miami 

Bailey is the perfect Baltimore Raven, with his rather intimidating build as a defensive end. Cory Redding is old and Bailey will be a nice upgrade. The Ravens could also go corner at this pick, with Jimmy Smith being a possibility.

27. Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons

Mike PounceyMike Pouncey – OG – Florida 

With both starting guards set to hit free agency, the Falcons can fill a need here with Pouncey and get younger at the same time. An emphasis should be placed on protecting their franchise QB Matt Ryan. Pouncey fits the bill.

28. New England Patriots New England Patriots

Jake LockerJake Locker – QB – Washington 

This won’t be the Patriots pick, but I can easily see a team trading up here to snag Locker. The Pats are masters of getting the most out of their draft picks and will be happy to wheel and deal with another pick at 33.

29. Chicago Bears Chicago Bears

Derek SherrodDerek Sherrod – OT – Mississippi State 

There is no way the Bears can look away from drafting offensive line. With free agency in question, the draft might be the only way to upgrade a poor offensive front. Sherrod is highly underrated a could prove to be a steal here.

30. New York Jets New York Jets

Jabaal SheardJabaal Sheard – DE – Pittsburgh 

The Jets might look to trade out here with Taylor, Wilkerson and Houston gone. If they stay I could see the pick being a player like Sheard who can rush the passer and play outside linebacker too. CB also a possibility.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers

Rodney HudsonRodney Hudson – OG – Florida State 

Roethlisberger consistently takes a beating and aside from Pouncey there is a lot of instability on the line here. Hudson, who is super experienced and athletic, has steadily risen up draft boards. Danny Watkins could fit here too.

32. Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers

Akeem AyersAkeem Ayers – OLB – UCLA 

The Packers could really use someone to take heat off of Matthews and Ayers fits the bill. He is an excellent all-around talent who rushes the passer and plays in coverage equally as well. A nice luxury pick for the champs.

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