FINAL Mock Draft – April 22

Written by Will Spencer on April 22, 2010


It’s only a day before the draft and Will Spencer and Rob Engle have put their heads together to come up with their final mock draft. With a few surprises in store, take a look at how it shaped up!

1. St. Louis Rams

Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma

Scouting Report

It seems that it’s almost a given the Rams will take Bradford with the first overall pick. We don’t necessarily agree with it, but we see the Rams issue here. They’ve passed on several franchise quarterbacks over the past several seasons and they’ve parted ways with Marc Bulger. They could go out and try to trade for Jason Campbell or maybe shoot for Colt McCoy in round 2. However, this seems like the most logical selection.


2. Detroit Lions

Ndamunkong Suh – DT – Nebraska

Scouting Report

The Lions could easily have one of the better defensive lines in the league after taking Suh. Head coach Jim Schwartz knows what to do with a dominate defensive tackle and Suh has all the tools to become that in this league. There’s rumors that the Lions may be interested in going after Albert Haynesworth and they may do that. However, it’s our belief that even if they do sign Fat Albert, they’ll still take Suh with this pick.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma

Scouting Report

McCoy is an ideal fit for the Tampa 2 defense. He’s a quick gap-shooting DT and the Bucs have been looking for something…anything…along the defensive line to create pressure. McCoy should find himself to be a day one starter and will make an immediate impact for the team. Tampa could consider Eric Berry at this spot, but McCoy makes way too much sense to pass on.

4. Washington Redskins

Trent Williams – OT – Oklahoma

Scouting Report

We all know that the Redskins are hoping to grab a top left tackle in this draft, but it might not be who you think. From what we’ve heard, the team like Trent Williams much better than Russell Okung and would ideally like to trade back a spor or two to grab him. However, there are no trades in our mock so they’ll just take Williams here.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

Eric Berry – S – Tennessee

Scouting Report

It’s quite possible that the Chiefs would look long and hard at Bryan Bulaga or even Russell Okung here. Yes, the team came out and said that Brandon Albert is their left tackle, but why believe anything you hear the week of the draft? What the Chiefs do need is a play maker somewhere on the defense and Berry is just that. It’d be hard for the team to pass up on his talent and if he’s the next Ed Reed, like many have described him as, KC would kick themselves for the next 10 years every time they hear his name.

6. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma State

Scouting Report

Seattle really lucks out here and they grab what is probably the most NFL ready left tackle in the draft. Walter Jones still hasn’t officially announced his retirement, but the writing is on the wall. Russell Okung could help anchor the left side of the offensive line for years to come and he’d be impossible to pass up on here.

7. Cleveland Browns

Joe Haden – CB – Florida

Scouting Report

Boy, would the Browns like to trade out of this spot. Word is, they’re in love with several players that are available in the later part of round one and beginning of round 2, so trading back is certainly their top priority. They’ll likely see if Berry goes off the board to KC and then start working the boards. In this draft, since we don’t do trades, they have to make a choice. Derrick Morgan would probably be out of position for them and it’s a bit early to take Jared Odrick here. The team does like Joe Haden and even though they brought in Sheldon Brown to play opposite Eric Wright, the team would probably wouldn’t pass on a play maker like Haden. They’d also consider Earl Thomas with this pick if they couldn’t trade back.

8. Oakland Raiders

Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame

Scouting Report

We all know the Raiders are always a wild card. Word is they’re trying to organize a trade for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, which shows that they’re not happy with Jamarcus Russell. Since we don’t predict trades, we could easily see a scenario where Oakland pulls the trigger on Jimmy Clausen. Clausen has the swagger that defines Raider football and we could see how Al Davis could fall in love with the kid. We don’t believe the Raiders will consider Bruce Campbell here as even they know he isn’t worthy of a round one pick, let alone a HIGH first rounder. Oakland could also look at Mike Iupati here and Jason Pierre-Paul, or anyone else that’s a physical specimen.

9. Buffalo Bills

Bryan Bulaga – OT – Iowa

Scouting Report

Buffalo has to be a little surprised by Oakland taking Jimmy Clausen, who they might be interested in. So, they turn their attention to the offensive line, which is terrible. Bulaga is a very technically sound tackle and should be an immediate starter for the team and probably for many years to come. Buffalo would love to trade back from this spot if Clausen is off the board, and would highly consider Dan Williams at this spot if they can’t move back.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars

Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech

Scouting Report

If the draft works out like this, Jacksonville has to look at Derrick Morgan here. They just traded Quentin Groves away, so pass rusher is still a need. Yes, they signed Aaron Kampman, but even that won’t be enough to improve their pass rush as much as they need. The Jags would love to snag Joe Haden here and may even look to take Jason Pierre-Paul, but Morgan is a very solid player and would be hard to pass up.

11. Denver Broncos (from Chicago)

Rolando McClain – LB – Alabama

Scouting Report

Even though the Broncos traded away Brandon Marshall, doesn’t mean it’s a lock for Dez Bryant at this spot. The Broncos defense is what led them to a great start in 2009 and they need to bring in a few more pieces to make it stronger down the stretch. McClain played in a 3-4 defense at Alabama and is a perfect fit with Denver.

12. Miami Dolphins

Dan Williams – DT – Tennessee

Scouting Report

After getting Brandon Marshall from the Broncos, the Phins turn their attention to the defense and go after the best nose tackle in the draft. Williams will be a day one starter for the team and head coach Tony Sparano got the chance to coach him in the Senior Bowl, so he’s well aware of his talents.

13. San Francisco 49ers

Earl Thomas – S – Texas

Scouting Report

The 49ers are hoping to address their needs in the secondary and with Joe Haden off the board, they turn their attention to Earl Thomas. Thomas is an athletic, ball-hawking safety, which is exactly what the team needs. He could also potentially play corner in a pinch, giving him much needed versatility. The Niners could also look to take an offensive tackle at this spot, but the work ethic of Anthony Davis doesn’t really fit with Singletary’s mentality.

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)

C.J. Spiller – RB – Clemson

Scouting Report

The Seahawks luck out and get their man. The team hasn’t had a potent offensive attack since they had Shaun Alexander and they’re able to grab the best running back in the draft at #14. If they are able to grab a tackle with their first pick, you can bet they’ll already have Spiller’s name written on the card just in case he’s available here.

15. New York Giants

Jason Pierre-Paul – DE – South Florida

Scouting Report

The Giants are in a bad spot here. Ideally, they’re hoping that Rolando McClain falls into their laps. Instead of reaching on Sean Weatherspoon here, they’ll look to the defensive line. Word is, the team is looking to trade Osi Umenyiora, which leaves a hole at the defensive end spot. Jason Pierre-Paul might be the most physically gifted pass rusher in the draft and the Giants would be an ideal situation for him. He wouldn’t have to be THE guy and he’d be able to further develop his game while learning from some very talented veterans.

16. Tennessee Titans

Kyle Wilson – CB – Boise State

Scouting Report

Tennessee really needs to do something with their secondary. They do need help on the defensive line, but when you have to play Peyton Manning twice a year, a strong secondary is a must. The physical play style of Kyle Wilson fits in nicely with the Titans defensive scheme, so he’s a logical choice. Don’t be surprised to see the Titans look at a pass rusher to replace Vanden Bosch here.


Will Spencer

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