Four Prospects Set to Upend Draft Boards

Written by Jeremy Hyde on August 25, 2013


NFL Draft

We have finally made it, fellow NFL Draft enthusiasts. We have managed once again to endure the seemingly endless period between the selection of “Mr. Irrelevant” and the opening kickoff of the following college football season.

As is both customary and therapeutic during this dreaded football hiatus, many of us spent much of our “down time” revisiting college tape from the previous season, this time shifting our focus from the recent crop of NFL draftees to the new group of prospects who will comprise the upcoming draft class. In the process, both as individuals and as a collective, we have established an order or hierarchy of these prospects, based on talent, production, and potential to succeed at the next level.

Despite the countless hours of offseason work put in by evaluators, the reality is that the majority of pre-season draft boards look nothing like they will by the time Roger Goodell approaches the podium to announce the first selection of the 2014 NFL Draft.

With that thought in mind, I have picked out a few players who have the talent to defy our pre-season projections and ascend to the top of their respective position groups between now and next year’s draft.


Jeremy Hyde

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