Game of the Week Preview: Florida vs. LSU

Written by Chris Lomas on October 9, 2010

This game features a matchup of two of the most overrated teams in the nation. Florida got exposed last week and this week it will be LSU’s turn. LSU sneaked out a win in Tiger Stadium last week against the Vols in spite of Les Miles. However, they will have no such luck this week in the Swamp against a Florida team that got steamrolled by Alabama. While Florida is unquestionably inferior to an excellent Alabama team, in my mind they are definitely superior to a gloried LSU team who has wins over North Carolina, West Virginia, and Tennessee teams all having down years. While I know that LSU can only beat who they play, I see this game against Florida being the first of 3-4 losses for LSU as they still have an incredibly difficult SEC schedule left against Florida, Auburn, Alabama and Arkansas. They will lose at least 3 of those games and maybe all four.

I said last week in a post on Draft Breakdown that I thought Florida was overrated and while that is true I think LSU are the biggest frauds in the country and this will all be justified come Saturday night.

Prospects I will be watching


Patrick Peterson, one of the top 2 corners in the nation with Prince Amukamara of Nebraska. Peterson is a potential Heisman candidate, not only with his defensive capabilities but also as a returner. I will be watching Peterson to see how he plays in zone vs. man to man, how physical he is on his jams and in bump and run, as well as his transition skills, click and close capabilities and his ball skills.

Steven Ridley – The leading rusher in the SEC right now, I want to see his burst, his vision and the way he runs between the tackles. From what I have seen he appears to be a solid back, who possesses a well rounded game, but nothing spectacular. LSU will try and control the game with him.


Mike Pouncey, one of the higher ranked offensive linemen coming into the season he has had a mediocre start to the year and got dominated last week by Marcel Dareus of Alabama. I will be looking to see how he bounces back, his explosion in the run game, his overall balance, how he anchors on contact, and how well he mirrors in the pass blocking.

CB Janoris Jenkins – While not in the same discussion as a Price Amukamara or a Patrick Peterson, Jenkins is a fast riser and definitely has the game to play in the league. I will be looking to see how well he plays against Terrence Toliver who he will be facing most of the evening. Again, how well does he play in zone vs. man, his physicality, his transition skills, click and close capability and his ball skills.


I think what you will see from Florida this week is a change in their offence. The Tim Tebow offense that Urban Meyer has been running in the past will see a change as the whole country saw that John Brantley does not have the skills to run the “Tebow” offence. Instead what you will see is more of a typical spread offence that at times will mix in some wildcat with Demps and some “Tebow” with Trey Burton. I expect the LSU defense and Patrick Peterson to make a few plays against the Florida offense but not enough to sway the outcome of the game. Offensively LSU will rely on moving the ball with Steven Ridley as they are a mess at QB right now with the inconsistent Jefferson and the inexperienced Lee. Defensively you will see Florida have its way with the LSU offence.

Florida wins 27-13, not a classic by any means, but an important game that will help to decide who will play Alabama in the SEC championship game.

Chris Lomas

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