Game of the Week Review: Ohio State vs. Iowa

Written by Chris Lomas on November 28, 2010



Auburn Survives – The Iron Bowl was an absolutely great game and with Oregon surviving Arizona everything seems to be back on track for an Auburn-Oregon BCS game. If you go undefeated in the SEC I don’t think anyone can argue that you don’t belong in the title game.


Boise maybe next year – One of the best football games I have ever seen when the Broncos lost to the Wolf Pack in OT. Boise just ended up on the wrong side of it this time and while I feel bad for Brotzman, those looked like chip shots to me.


Alabama disappointing – All year I thought Alabama had the most talented team in the country and I do still, but they were unable to finish in all of their losses.


Bo Pelini –I understand that there was quite a disparage in the number of penalties (16-2) in favor of the Aggies but regardless you are a grown man who is suppose to be a leader of men and that is not how leaders act. You should also be worried that you may have damaged your relationship with Taylor Martinez. If a coach did that to me or if a coach did that to my kid there would be some confrontation I guarantee. Exploding like that can’t be good for your health either Bo, I know that is what would be most important to your family.


Von Miller – Another huge game and 2 sacks for the Aggies, I know he is rising up my draft board again.


Go Ducks – If you have not seen the new football facility that Phil Knight of Nike fame is donating to the University of Oregon take a look HERE. If I was a recruit this would be pretty enticing.


Ohio State vs. Iowa


Very entertaining game played on both sides. The big matchup in this game for me was how Ohio State was going to handle the defensive line of Iowa with prospects like Clayborn, Ballard and Daniels. In the end the Buckeye O-line was successful and it proved to be the difference. Justin Boren and company limited the play of Iowa’s defensive front giving Pryor time to throw nearly the entire game. Excellent performance by this unit and in particular the job Mike Adams did on Clayborn.






Ricky Stanzi – After reviewing this game my opinion of Stanzi has not changed, however I have to admit that Stanzi’s arm is a bit better then what I thought and I think he should be able to make nearly every throw on the next level. I still question his overall arm strength especially on the deep balls but I am told by scouts (much more knowledgeable about the subject then me) that a QB can actually develop arm strength over time. I guess there is always hope Jeff Garcia…. Stanzi again showed that his decision making ability is not elite especially in crunch time. In my opinion he projects to be more of a manager of the game rather than a guy who will go out and win you a game.


Overall, I see Stanzi being a backup at the next level and probably a middle round selection in April.


Adrian Clayborn – Clayborn played a much better game against Ohio State than he had against the Spartans. There was such a significant difference in Clayborn’s play that I think he may have been battling an injury or illness against Michigan State. His first step was quicker this game but by no means was it elite. His stamina was also much better because unlike the Sparty game he was not as winded in the second half. I have now seen Clayborn on two separate occasions and the things I like the most are his frame and his intelligence. He frame is thickly built especially through his lower half which should help him to anchor and leverage in the run game. He is also one of the more intelligent linemen out there as he reads and recognizes the play very well. He also exhibited the ability to contain the edge and is normally not out of position to make a play. With that being said there are some deficiencies in his game. A number of times in the run game Clayborn allowed Mike Adams (the OT) to push him back a good 2-3 yards when Clayborn failed to get his pad level low enough. He still needs to work on his leverage, pad level and anchoring at the POA. The other drawback I saw in his game was his spin move that he often used during inappropriate situations including running plays where he was completely taken out of the play. Clayborn has a good spin move but needs to be judicial in when he uses it.


Overall, Clayborn is likely a top 20 pick however I think he won’t be a starter his first year and it may take him a couple of years to assume a full time starting role.


Tyler Sash – After reviewing this game he reminds me a lot of John Lynch not because he is white and plays in the secondary but because similar to Lynch, Sash is very aggressive and hits like a linebacker. He also exhibits a strong ability to read the play and does an excellent job of coming up to support the run. Sash has some deficiencies however, namely his coverage skills which are only average for a player in the secondary. Due to his lack of speed and athleticism Sash is also unable to stay with receivers for an extended period of time making him vulnerable to giving up the big play. As mentioned he is a big hitter however he still needs to improve his tackling especially in open space where he missed a tackle on Pryor allowing a big run.


Overall, Sash looks more like a solid backup and who could start in the pinch because of his lack of coverage skills, speed and athleticism.


Ohio State


Cameron Heyward – Heyward played a decent game, not dominating but played the run very well maintaining the edge, exhibiting good leverage and anchoring at the POA. He has more pass rushing ability then I think he is given credit for but does not possess elite abilities by any means. At 6’5 288 Heyward possesses prototypical size for the defensive end position. His strengths are his versatility as he could play the 4 or 5 technique in a 3-4 or either end position in a 4-3. His play against the run, where he is consistent and demonstrates excellent edge awareness is also impressive. As mentioned in the preview he does lack the explosion and suddenness of an elite pass rusher but he may be a perfect fit for a 3-4 team that needs an end to eat up blockers.


Overall, Heyward looks like an eventual starter at the next level for a 3-4 team. At this point I would say early to mid second round for him because of his lack of pass rush ability.


Chimdi Chekwa – I was not able to see a ton of him in this game but as mentioned in my preview he has excellent size and speed measurables but I do not see him as a great football player yet. This is mainly due to sloppy footwork and ball skills. He needs to work on his balance in all aspects of his game including his backpedal, his transitions and his click and close ability. Additionally body control and ball skills while in the air are issues.


Overall, I cannot really give a good opinion of him because I just did not see him enough in the game, but I would probably look at the 3rd round or later for him. Looks like a possible starter or a depth corner at this point.


Guys who didn’t impress me


Ohio State


Ross Homan – Really did not like him and do not see him being drafted in the first 3 rounds. If it is possible to play smaller then you actually are it seems that Homan does it. After watching the game I honestly thought that this guy was about 5’8 and 200 lbs before I checked after the game that he is 6’0, 227 lbs. The Iowa linemen and backs were continually able to take him out of the play really limiting his effectiveness; he actually looks more like a safety and plays like one. His instincts appear only average, he lacks stack and shed ability and is unable to keep himself clean. Tackling looks like an issue too as I saw him miss several tackles that should be routine for most linebackers. I do think he runs well and shows lots of hustle throughout the game giving max effort the entire time.


Overall, I think Homan will be a depth guy in the NFL and since he always plays so hard could contribute on special teams immediately.

Chris Lomas

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