Interview: Dan Williams

Written by Will Spencer on February 14, 2010


No interior defensive lineman helped themselves as much during the Senior Bowl as Dan Williams of Tennessee. Williams showed the strength and versatility to play several spots along the defensive line which will probably land him somewhere in the late first round on draft day. I had the chance to talk to Dan after practice early in the week. Here’s the transcript of that conversation.


Spencer: What are you initial impressions of the Senior Bowl?


Williams: First thing, I was just excited to be here. It’s just a huge honor, just being invited. There’s been a lot of great players here before me and I want to try to keep up with the tradition that the Senior Bowl has of sending guys to the next level.


Spencer: Has there been anything in particular the coaches have had you working on?


Williams: Just trying to get the base defense they have. Just trying to get us used to it and the language they use. We’re from all different parts of the country and we’re just trying to learn the plays and learn everything so we can start playing fast.


Spencer: Who’s been the toughest guy you’ve faced on the offensive line this week?


Williams: Of guys I’ve went against, I’d say Mike Johnson of Alabama. We went against each other in the pass rush [drills] today and he won one and I won one. I’m just trying to figure everybody out and go against everybody the rest of the week so I can continue to get better.


Spencer: Anyone on defense stand out to you this week?


Williams: Oh yeah. We’re starting to get together out here and get to know each other. We’re pushing guys, especially in one on ones. I’d say Jeff Owens (Georgia) had a couple good pass rushes today. We’re all living off each other out here. And especially today, one who showed me something was Antonio Coleman (Auburn). He went up and over big Ciron Black from LSU in pass rush drills, so he did impress me today.


Spencer: Is it a distraction at all here with all the attention Tebow is getting from the local fans and media?


Williams: Not really. You have one purpose and everyone has that purpose. You’re trying to improve their draft stock and trying to impress these NFL scouts, coaches and GMs.


Spencer: Thanks a lot for your time, Dan and good luck this week.


Williams: Alright man, take it easy.



Will Spencer

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