Interview: Kent Richardson

Written by Rob Engle on April 3, 2010


Draft Breakdown was able to get out to the West Virginia Pro Day this year, and a player that caught our attention was cornerback Kent Richardson. Kent had a great workout and spent some time talking to NFL scouts afterwards. With his physical skill set, he’s certainly someone that needs to be on the radar of all NFL Draft followers. Rob Engle took a few minutes to talk with Kent about his career at WVU.


Engle: Hey Kent, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. What did you study at West Virginia?


Richardson: I studied Marketing.


Engle: What is your accurate height, weight, 40 time and bench press?


Richardson: My accurate height is 5’11 3/4, bench press is 435 and 20 reps at 225, and my 40 is a 4.46.


Engle: Who is the best player you’ve ever played against?


Richardson: The best player I’ve ever played against is Calvin Johnson, by far.


Engle: What was your role at West Virginia?


Richardson: My role at WVU was to come in on 3rd downs or whenever else I may have been needed and to go out there and just make plays.


Engle: What would you say your strengths are?


Richardson:My biggest strength would be that I can handle bigger receivers. I can eliminate big plays and run fast when someone runs to my side and make a play on the ball.


Engle: What about your weaknesses?


Richardson: I’m not going to say that I don’t have a weakness, but some of the things that I’d say I have to work on are maybe awareness of where people are on the field and things like that.


Engle: What are your goals for the NFL?


Richardson: My goals for the NFL are to come in and prove to the world that I can make plays just as well as any top rated corners that may be out there.


Engle: What will you do with your first paycheck?


Richardson: Probably save it.


Engle: Have you had any workouts or interviews with any teams?


Richardson: Not yet, but soon hopefully!


Engle: Ok great. Thanks for your time, Kent it’s been nice talking to you!



Rob Engle

Rob Engle scouted privately starting in 2004. Rob participated in an internship with the Baltimore Ravens scouting department and is continuing his professional career by attending Miami University (Ohio) to obtain a degree in Strategic Communication. Rob is also a member of the Football Writers Association of America.

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