Interview: Patrick Robinson

Written by Will Spencer on February 15, 2010


Robinson is a bit of an enigma for scouts. On tape, there are games where he is absolutely dominant. Other times, he can disappear. Robinson came into the Senior Bowl as possibly the 2nd rated corner on most folks board, but I’m not sure if he lived up to those expectations. Patrick took some of his time out to sit down and talk with me during Senior Bowl week about what his favorite coverage is and what receiver gave him the toughest time in practice.


Spencer: How’s your Senior Bowl experience been so far?


Robinson: It’s been good. It’s been fun so far.


Spencer: Was this something that you knew right away you’d play in if you were invited?


Robinson: Oh yeah. I knew right away.


Spencer: What is it about the Senior Bowl that is so appealing to you?


Robinson: It’s a huge game for me to showcase how good I am. That’s, for the most part, what I think it is.


Spencer: What would you say is the strongest aspect of your game?


Robinson: Being able to play man to man. Man to man, alone on that island.


Spencer: Do you prefer playing press-man or off-man?


Robinson: It doesn’t really matter to me. If they want me to press, I’ll press. If they want me to sit off a little bit, I can do that too. I have no preference.


Spencer: Do you think you’d be better in a man coverage system than a zone coverage system?


Robinson: I wouldn’t say that. But I’m more used to man.


Spencer: Is there anything in particular that the coaches have been trying to work with you on this week?


Robinson: Well, in my press technique, my stance was a little wide. That’s something I can correct right away, but that was it for the most part.


Spencer: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week?


Robinson: Making more plays. Making a lot more plays.


Spencer: Looking at the receivers you’ve been matching up against, who has stood out to you as a strong opponent?


Robinson: Riley Cooper. He’s a guy that never quits on the ball. If you get a good jam on him, he’s still fighting to get open and try to catch the ball. He’s a tough guy.


Spencer: Thanks a lot for your time tonight.


Robinson: Alright, thank you, too.



Will Spencer

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