Is Bridgewater a Bill O’Brien QB?

Written by Page on February 5, 2014


Ever since Bill O’Brien was hired by the Texans, there’s been constant chatter about which of the draft’s signal callers best fits his offense. Increasingly, to the surprise of many, the talk has centered around signal callers not named Teddy Bridgewater.

The shift away from Teddy B. is in part due to O’Brien’s history and preference for quarterbacks with prototypical builds: his two most recent high porfile quarterbacks — Tom Brady and his hand-picked QB at Penn State, Christian Hackenberg — both sit in the 6’4”, 220-225 pound range. O’Brien himself has made comments about how he adores bigger QBs who can sit in the pocket and make all the throws.

In fact, while heading the Penn State program, O’Brien did not commonly recruit quarterbacks who were below the 6’3”, 200-lb. threshold. With all that in mind, members of the draft media have increasingly linked the Texans to UCF signal caller Blake Bortles, who’s also received praise from O’Brien in the past.

Who ends up being that top selection remains to be seen — by all accounts, the pick’s expected to be one of the draft’s top QBs — but while it’s quite possible Bortles will be the guy, we still believe Bridgewater does everything required of an O’Brien QB.

To make the case, Aimal Arsalla and I have produced cutups of three 2013 Christian Hackenberg games, as well as one of Tom Brady back in ’11. And on the next couple pages, we’ll isolate individual plays that show Teddy’s quite capable of executing Bill O’Brien’s offense.




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