Is It Time To Stop Apologizing For Jake Locker?

Written by Eric Samulski on February 4, 2011


We can make all the excuses we want for Locker, but all we are doing is denying what history has already proved to us time and time again. Talent is only half the battle.


Every few years there comes a can’t miss prospect in the mold of JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Alex Smith or David Carr—a quarterback who is so physically gifted that he is bound to overcome the mental deficiencies.


Jake LockerBut each time, these gifted players run into the same situation, where they are unable to rely solely on talent, their inability to handle the mental side of the game leads to their downfall. For Leaf it was his mental instability, for Russell it was his poor work ethic, Carr suffered behind a bad line and Smith was unable to make the switch from a spread offense.


Why are we to believe that Locker’s transition will be any different? Sometimes the players that fail to translate are not always the players who don’t have the right attitude or work ethic, sometimes its the guys who can’t process the information or think on the fly.


Until Locker can prove that he has the mental make-up to go through progressions, learn proper footwork, improve his pocket presence and make strides in his overall accuracy, he will likely be another name to add to the ever expanding list of examples of tools just not being enough.


Eric Samulski writes for The Bleacher Report, where this article was originally published.

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