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Written by Will Spencer on September 28, 2010

…a new kind of message board experience.

Sure, there are a lot of independent draft web sites out there. The most successful of which have popular and active message boards. If you’ve started a message board for your own site, then you know there’s nothing harder than bringing in users and keeping the board active.

Here at Draft Breakdown, we’ve come up with a way to help compete with some of the major sites. We’ve recently brought together some of your favorite NFL Draft sites and joined our efforts to create a joint venture called the NFL Draft Co-Op Message Board.

Here, all sites are created equal! Site publishers are able to freely promote content from their individual sites in any thread, without the fear of having their posts deleted. Site publishers aren’t just “allowed” to do this, they’re expected to. Publishers each provide links to their own websites in the signatures of their posts and can openly link to material within their posts. Publishers also have their site logo and a link to their site on the header of every page, allowing the reader to easily visit the publisher’s site.

The NFL Draft Co-Op Message Board brings together some of the best draft analysts on the internet to one spot. No longer are readers limited to just the opinions of the site the message board belongs to. Publishers who are members of the Co-Op are even able to post links to their material in response to material posted by another site publisher. This allows readers to see a multitude of expert opinions in a single thread!

Publishers are responsible for promoting the Co-Op Message Board and bring in as many users as possible. In order for the Co-Op Message Board to reach it’s full potential, it needs a diverse community of readers to regularly participate. Much of this is the responsibility of the site publisher. By publishers working together and not competing with each other, the Co-Op Message Board could rival the more popular message boards on the internet in a short amount of time.

Tired of trying to build your message board community from the ground up? Join the Co-Op! In order to obtain the maximum amount of exposure for each partner site, there are only a limited number of sites that the Co-Op will be able to accept. Get involved now before the opportunity passes you by! If you’re interested in becoming a partner site, fill out the form below. New additions will need to be approved by a majority of the current partner sites before officially being added to the Co-Op.

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Will Spencer

Will is the founder and President of Draft Breakdown & has been scouting draft prospects since 2002. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including the USA Today Draft Preview Magazine, the official website of the Baltimore Ravens, Ravens Insider and The Orange and Brown Report. Will has previous playing experience as a defensive end in the AFA, is currently a member of the Football Writers Association of America and graduated from the SMWW Football Scouting course in 2009.

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