LB Rankings by Josh Deceuster

Written by Josh Deceuster on May 5, 2014

Best Fit
1CJ MosleyAlabama6'2"2344.63ILB/OLBTop 25Latest Video
2Ryan ShazierOhio State6'1"2374.38OLBLate 1stLatest Video
3Kyle Van NoyBYU6'3"2434.71OLB2ndLatest Video
4Telvin SmithFlorida State6'3"2184.52OLB2ndLatest Video
5Shayne SkovStanford6'2"2455.09ILB3rdLatest Video
6Christian KirkseyIowa6'2"2334.58OLB3rdLatest Video
7Christian JonesFlorida State6'3"2404.74OLB3rdLatest Video
8Jordan ZumwaltUCLA6'4"2354.76ILB3rdLatest Video
9James MorrisIowa6'1"2414.80ILB4thLatest Video
10Yawin SmallwoodConnecticut6'2"2465.01ILB4thLatest Video
11Lamin BarrowLSU6'1"2374.64ILB4thLatest Video
12Avery WilliamsonKentucky6'1"2464.66ILB4thLatest Video
13Andrew JacksonWestern Ky6'0"2574.90ILB5thLatest Video
14Kevin Pierre-LouisBoston College6'1"2324.51OLB5thLatest Video
15Preston BrownLouisville6'1"2514.86ILB5thLatest Video
16Boseko LokomboOregon6'2"2254.66OLB5thLatest Video
17Khairi ForttCal6'2"2484.70OLB5thLatest Video
18Jordan TrippMontana6'3"2344.67OLB5thLatest Video
19Marquis FlowersArizona6'3"2314.51OLB6thLatest Video
20DeDe LattimoreSouth Florida6'0"2374.63ILB6thLatest Video
21Marquis SpruillSyracuse6'1"2314.53ILB6thLatest Video
22Chris BorlandWisconsin5'11"2484.83ILB6thLatest Video
23Max BulloughMichigan State6'3"2494.78ILB7thLatest Video
24Greg BlairCincinnati6'1"2444.85ILB7thLatest Video
25Prince ShemboNotre Dame6'1"2534.71OLB7thLatest Video
26Justin JacksonWake Forest6'1"233---OLBUDFALatest Video
27Jonathan BrownIllinois6'0"2385.03OLBUDFALatest Video
28Chris YoungArizona State6'0"2524.84ILBUDFALatest Video
29Denicos AllenMichigan State5'10"2254.74OLBUDFALatest Video

Josh Deceuster

Josh has been a avid football and draft fan since high school, but didn't start participating in the process until 2010 when he first began writing about the draft at NFLMocks. Dissatisfied with highlight videos, he began editing full games to try to get a better feel on prospects and has complied three seasons' worth of games. He subsequently joined the team at Mocking the Draft, where he contributed articles and scouting profiles for the last two years. A Vikings fan by birth, Josh lived in Dallas during the Aikman/Irvin/Smith years, then spent high school and college in Washington. He now lives in Los Angeles working as an Assistant Production Assistant.

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