Manuel or Automatic

Written by Eric Stoner on September 26, 2012

It’s up, over at Rotoworld Draft:

E.J. Manuel‘s career up to this point has been marked with inconsistency – a guy whose size, athleticism, and arm make you drool over the possibilities, but possessed too many holes in his game to overlook or bet on him at Party Casino. His biggest flaw (holding the ball too long) has been a notable career killer for many an NFL quarterback. Holding the ball too long can be a symptom of many factors, but the root of the problem almost always goes back to the quarterback being unsure and uncomfortable with the defensive coverage and how it affects his progressions. Further, Manuel would exacerbate this problem by “shrinking” in the pocket (squaring up to the line of scrimmage and crouching, entering a running stance) and trying to improvise – often leading to self-induced pressures and sacks. Even when not pressuring himself, his movement often became frenetic – leading to mechanical failures and a loss of touch and accuracy.

The whole thing.

Eric Stoner

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