Meet and Greet: Cameron Jordan

Written by Ryan Lownes on March 9, 2011

Lownes: Accurate height/weight, bench reps, and your 40 time from the recent Combine.


Cameron JordanJordan: 6’4 287, 25 reps at 225, 4.71 unofficial and 4.78 official.


You’re an NFL scout with the task of breaking down Cameron Jordan, what are the pros/cons?


Other than I’m quick out of my stance, I have long (35”) arms that I create leverage with by locking out on an Offensive Lineman creating a hard point at the end of the line.


Cons- If any, it would be that I need to further refine my technique of after extension while playing the run to not be too quick to shed blocks.


Since you stepped on campus at California, in what area(s) have you experienced the greatest improvement?


At Cal I’ve learned to multi task. Before I could focus on one thing at a time; I can text, walk, talk, and read notes at the same time while grasping the key concepts of everything that I’m doing.


By all accounts, you had an absolutely dominant week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. Describe the benefits of that week and a couple things you took from your first taste of NFL coaching. 


Coach [Jay] Hayes of the Cincinnati Bengals was a good coach on the drills he took us through, so I could see myself taking coaching like that at the next level. It’s a different feel, it’s no longer a coach slowing everything down to basic techniques, it’s being told what is expected and responding accordingly. 


Cameron JordanYou’re a player that seems to have the versatility to make an impact anywhere on the defensive line.   Do you think there is a position or scheme that you’re especially tailored for? Just how many Defensive Line positions do you have experience playing?


I’ve played the 3, 4, 5, loose 5, 7, and 9 technique. I have been most recently in a 3-4 more penetrating attacking style defense, from a 3-4 two-gapping style defense, after I had started my Cal career in a 4-3 defense. I’ve played everything and I can play everywhere at a high level. Teach me and I’ll learn and supersede expectations.


What are your plans for the rest of the pre-draft process? Pro Day?


The next step for me is my pro-day at Cal on the 9th. As to what I’ll be doing I haven’t yet narrowed it down, I know I’m doing position related work.


Describe your Combine experience in Indianapolis. What was most enjoyable about the event? Most memorable? Is there anything you feel you really stood out in or possibly came up short of your expectations in?


I know that I wanted to run a fast forty and was completely happy with my unofficial times but my official time was seven 100ths slower and left me hungry to be faster.


It shocked a lot of people a year ago when your former teammate and Defensive Line-mate Tyson Alualu wound up drafted in the Top 10 Overall. In what ways are you similar to Alualu and what is it that makes you your own player?


I’m similar to Tyson in the fact that I emulated his game when I first got to Cal and wanted to be like him after his hustle and his hard work ethic. Now I do think I’m a step faster than Tyson, but his understanding of the game is amazing.


Cameron JordanWhich NFL team was your favorite growing up? Was or is there any player(s) that you model your game after or enjoy watching most?


Minnesota Vikings. I grew up around them and I’ve always looked at Chris Doleman and John Randle’s style of play and what it takes to be great.


It’s still early, but as it’s a moment that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, do you have any specific plans for Draft Day?


I’m just really impressed that I’ve been considered a prospect for the draft and it’s been a blessing with all the events that have been going on and I can’t wait to enjoy the draft with my family. As to the whereabouts, I haven’t quite figured that out yet.


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