NCAA rules Quinn & Little permanently ineligible

Written by Will Spencer on October 11, 2010

It has been revealed today that North Carolina players Greg Little and Robert Quinn have been ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA. According to an NCAA investigation, both Little and Quinn were ruled ineligible for violations of NCAA agent benefits, preferential treatment and ethical conduct rules.

According to the report, Little accepted $4952.00 in benefits, including diamond earrings and travel expenses to Washington D.C., the Bahamas and two trips to Miami. Quinn reportedly received $5642.00 in benefits, including two black diamond watches, matching earrings and travel expenses for a trip to Miami.

The NCAA ruling stated that not only did Quinn and Little received illegal benefits, but both were untruthful about receiving these benefits during official NCAA interviews.

This raises some possible character concerns for both Quinn and Little, who will be heading into the NFL Draft in April. Quinn has been projected as a possible top 5 selection in the draft and most have him as the top rated, draft-eligible defensive end, but concerns with immaturity and character could hurt his draft stock. Little is one of the top senior wide receivers in this year’s class and projected as a top 100 pick, so the character concerns could hurt his draft stock much more than Quinn.

North Carolina also officially dismissed star defensive tackle Marvin Austin today. Austin was suspended “indefinitely” by the NCAA for receiving illegal benefits as well. Austin has already seen his stock slide in the draft community. Coming into this season, many had Austin slated as a top 15 overall pick. Now there are concerns that Austin will still be a first round pick, or possibly even a second round selection. The last game that Austin played was against Pittsburgh in January of 2010 against Pittsburgh in the Emerald Bowl. However, this wasn’t his strongest performance as highlighted in our Video Breakdown series, quite possible leaving a poor final impression among NFL scouts.

Will Spencer

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