New Three-Round Mock by Jon Dove

Written by Jon Dove on January 29, 2013

17. Pittsburgh – Jesse Williams – DL – Alabama
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Jesse Williams

Williams is a versatile defender capable of playing any spot along the Steelers’ defensive line. This is important because of the wide-spread aging issue on the defense.

18. Dallas – Ezekiel Ansah – DE – BYU
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Ezekiel Ansah

The Cowboys will need to use this draft to bring in pieces that fit their new 4-3 attack. Ansah would be a great fit at defensive end opposite DeMarcus Ware.

19. New York Giants – Khaseem Greene – LB – Rutgers
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Khaseem Greene

Greene is a tenacious and athletic linebacker who makes plays all over the field. Because of his versatility, the Giants could plug Greene in at either middle or outside linebacker.

20. Chicago – Jonathan Cooper – OG – North Carolina
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Jonathan Cooper

The Bears need help all along the offensive line, so they should focus on adding the best player available at those positions. Cooper is a talented guard prospect who’d make an immediate impact.

21. Cincinnati – Manti Te’o – LB – Notre Dame
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Manti Te’o

Te’o is still dealing with his fake-girlfriend situation, but that shouldn’t keep him out of the first round. The fact is that he’s a talented and productive linebacker.

22. St. Louis (from Wash) – Keenan Allen – WR – Cal
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Keenan Allen

The Rams need to both fix the issues along the offensive line and provide Sam Bradford with more weapons. Allen is a big-bodied target capable of winning one-on-one matchups. This is something that’ll immediately help Bradford.

23. Minnesota – DeAndre Hopkins – WR – Clemson
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DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins will give Christian Ponder another option outside of Percy Harvin. His ability to attack the ball at its highest point will help Ponder complete passes in any type of situation.

24. Indianapolis – Sheldon Richardson – DL – Missouri
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Sheldon Richardson

The Colts need to improve the talent level in the front seven of its defense. Richardson would be a great fit as a five-technique.

25. Seattle – Tyler Eifert – TE – Notre Dame
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Tyler Eifert

The Seahawks need to surround Russell Wilson with more consistent talent if they want to continue to develop.

26. Green Bay – Dallas Thomas – OG/OT – Tennessee
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In order for the Packers to sustain their success, they must do everything possible to protect Aaron Rodgers.

27. Houston – Tavon Austin – WR – West Virginia
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Tavon Austin

Austin’s explosiveness will help increase the production of the Texans’ offense. They need someone to help take some pressure off of Andre Johnson.

28. Denver – Xavier Rhodes – CB – Florida State
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Champ Bailey is still playing at a decent level, but the Broncos must consider finding his long-term replacement.

29. New England – Kenny Vaccaro – S – Texas
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Kenny Vaccaro

It’s easy to see that Devin McCourty isn’t very comfortable at either of the safety positions.

30. Atlanta – Alex Okafor – DE – Texas
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Alex Okafor

The Falcons’ defense really needs to find someone to help John Abraham.

31. Baltimore – Kevin Minter – LB – LSU
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Kevin Minter

Replacing Ray Lewis will be a difficult task, but Minter has the poise and ability to make the loss feel less painful.

32. San Francisco – Tony Jefferson – S – Oklahoma
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Tony Jefferson

Depth in the secondary is important for every NFL team, especially those dealing with a starter facing free agency (Dashon Goldson).

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