Alvin Dupree

Alvin Dupree

Position EDGE School Kentucky
Height 6' 4" Weight 269 lbs
Class RS Senior Number 2
All-Star --- 40 Time 4.56

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Alvin Dupree, the highly athletic and disruptive defensive end / edge player from the Kentucky Wildcats, enters the 2015 NFL Draft after totaling 23.5 sacks and 37 TFLs (to go along with 247 tackles) during his college career (38 starts).  Dupree’s accomplishments have resulted in First Team All-SEC honors in 2014  as well as Second Team All-SEC recognition in 2013.  He goes by the nickname, “Bud.”  Dupree is an impressive player, both from a physical standpoint and as an athlete.  He has a nice frame that is muscular and well built.  He’s committed to his physical development, as evidenced by the 15 good pounds that he’s added during his time at Kentucky.  His 264lbs is pretty deceptive, as he doesn’t appear to be maxed out; while I don’t think he should add any more weight, he probably could get himself into the 270’s if needed.  Dupree is an impressive movement guy, displaying traits and a natural athleticism of a lighter/smaller prospect.  He possesses good lateral agility and generally maintains his balance throughout the duration of the play.  He has a very impressive initial burst off the snap that showcases his explosive, quick twitch ability.  There’s no denying that Dupree has the get off and closing speed to be a real pass rushing threat in the NFL. Against the run, Dupree is a solid defender who will need to work at his craft in order to gain a better understanding of offensive play designs.  He seems to get fooled too easily by play action or misdirection plays.  I don’t think he lacks awareness, but it’s not a strength right now.  Dupree is a hustle guy who goes all-out in an effort to make a play.  However, he needs to become more of a finisher.  He is a high-energy player who puts himself in position to make a play, and while he does tend to slow or trip up the runner, he doesn’t consistently secure the tackle.  His production would be far greater if he consistently finished.  Dupree is strong and does a nice job holding his ground when the play comes in his direction, and he possesses an equally impressive ability to slice through the offensive line and disrupt in the backfield.  He can make plays in pursuit down the line of scrimmage when the play goes away from; his burst and overall (+) athletic ability always keep him in the action.  Versus the pass, Dupree is an exciting prospect who has a chance to be a real pass rush specialist in the NFL.  His (+) burst off the snap is a huge asset, but he needs to develop a better arsenal of pass rush moves.  He’s neutralized too easily if his speed doesn’t win.  He also has to do a better job of locating the QB, as there are moments when he beats the OT to the edge, dips,  but doesn’t bend quickly enough to create the shortest distance to the QB.  That said, I really like the burst/foundation that he’s working with.  There aren’t many prospects who have the baseline athleticism that Dupree possesses.

BOTTOM LINE:  Bud Dupree is one of the most athletic and potentially game changing defensive prospects available in the 2015 class.  He has the necessary strength and athletic ability to be a three-down player in the NFL .  He’s a scheme-diverse prospect that can play from a 2 pt stance and be competent dropping back into coverage while also projecting highly as a hand-in-the-dirt pass rusher.  He’s a first-round prospect who is likely to hear his name called in the top half of round one.

GRADE:  8.2 (1st Round)

-Submitted by Bryan Perez (@FirstRoundGrade)