Andrew Luck | Draft Breakdown

Andrew Luck

Position QB School Stanford
Height 6' 4" Weight 234 lbs
Class RS Junior Number 12
All-Star --- 40 Time 4.67

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Luck is a redshirt junior and has been the starting quarterback for Stanford since his redshirt freshman season. One of the highest touted quarterback prospects in recent years, he would likely have gone #1 overall had he declared after last season and is a virtual lock to be the first off the board this year. A true field general, he has full command of his offense and has been praised by his head coach as essentially being an offensive coordinator on the field. A big, rugged, powerful player with nimble feet and elite instincts for the position. Has the potential to be the foundation of a team’s offense in the NFL.


Luck has a compact, over-the-top release. Does a good job of “crushing pebbles” with his feet while he stands in the pocket scanning the field. Mechanically, he’s very sound, although he does get inconsistent from time to time with his footwork. Will occasionally get in the habit of kickstepping instead of crossing over on his straight dropbacks, and has a strange gather step out of shotgun. Major tendency to raise his back foot upon release – this has more of an effect on his velocity and ball placement than anything.


Strong, rugged, and tough runner. Excellent footwork in the play-action game, and can run bootleg effectively to the left and right. Has the awareness to scramble vertically when he recognizes man coverage and horizontally to stretch the defense when they’re in zone. Stanford uses his mobility as the foundation of their play-action passing game.

Arm Strength

Doesn’t have a howitzer but can make all the throws. Shows the ability to crease the ball into tight windows against man coverage, as well as the ability to throw receivers open. Throws with above-average velocity on the run. Poor weight transfer at times results in too many all-arm throws where he loses RPMs on the ball. Displays a good overall understanding of when to crease a throw or when to put touch on the ball.

Decision Making and Intangibles

Two things really stick out with Luck, and they’re what make him such an elite and unique prospect. The first is that he displays an innate feel for pressure in the pocket. He can feel where it’s coming from and make subtle moves in a muddied pocket to buy himself the time for a receiver to get open – all while keeping his eye level downfield.

The second thing is that he’s one of the rare college quarterbacks that’s been taught to make decisions based off of reading coverages, as opposed to going through a pre-determined receiver progression. He also understands how to manipulate the second and third level defenders with his eyes and feet to open up throwing lanes downfield. Will stare down the gun-barrel to make throws under pressure, although he showed some flinching in the pocket and anticipation of pressure against Oregon this year.

The only real complaint I have with him is that he needs to learn that it’s okay to live to see another down. He’ll take a sack or throw blind into coverage on occasion, instead of just throwing it away.

Additional Information

Co-valedictorian of his high school class. Owns virtually every Stanford career passing record, as well as Pac-10 record for highest single-season completion percentage (70.7%, 2010).


2009: 12 games, 162-288, 56.3%, 2575 yards, 8.9 YPA, 13 TDs, 4 INTs; 61 rushes, 354 yards, 5.4 YPC, 2 TDs
2010: 13 games, 263-372, 70.7%, 3338 yards, 9.0 YPA, 32 TDs, 8 INTs; 55 rushes, 453 yards, 8.2 YPC, 3 TDs
2011 (1 game remaining): 12 games, 70.0%, 3170 yards, 35 TDs, 9 INTs; 43 rushes, 153 yards, 3.6 YPC, 2 TDs


Majoring in architectural design and engineering.

Awards and Honors

2011: Maxwell Award, 2011 Walter Camp Player of the Year Award, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, 2011 First Team All America (AFCA, Walter Camp), Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year, First Team All Pac 12, First Team Pac-12 All-Academic Team, Academic All-American of the Year(CoSIDA)
2010: Heisman Trophy Runner-up, Second Team All America, Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year, First Team All Pac-10, Second Team Pac-10 All-Academic Team, Orange Bowl MVP
2009: Freshman All-America, Honorable Mention All Pac-10, First Team Pac-10 All-Academic Team