Andrus Peat

Andrus Peat

Position OT School Stanford
Height 6' 7" Weight 313 lbs
Class Junior Number 70
All-Star --- 40 Time 5.18

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Andrus Peat, the junior offensive tackle from the Stanford Cardinal, enters the 2015 NFL draft after 27 career collegiate starts.  In 2014, Peat was selected by several outlets as a First Team All-American as well as First Team All-Pac 12.  He was the winner of the Morris Trophy, given to the Pac-12’s offensive lineman of the year.  In 2013, Peat was named Honorable Mention All-American as well as Second Team All-Pac 12.  All of his 27 career starts were at left tackle.  Coming out of high school, he received 38 scholarship offers and was considered a top-3 offensive lineman in his recruiting class.  Physically, Peat presents with a long frame and long arms as well as a thick lower half.  His legs and trunk are well-developed and he has thick calves.  His frame and overall body-type is ideal for the tackle position.  He’s a talented athlete who is able to extend his arms at the point of attack, get a good fit on the defender’s chest plate and lockout.  He has a strong punch and powerful hands; he can really control the action once his hands are locked in.  Pass rushers struggle to disengage.  Peat possesses sound footwork on the outside and is a generally balanced player.  His base is under control, fluid and smooth coming out of his stance.  That said, he’s a bit of a waist bender and tends to lunge at the defender rather than sit deeply into his stance; He appears to have the athletic ability and overall flexibility to correct this issue.  Peat has above-average range to the corner and uses his plus length to recover when he’s initially beat by speed.  He’s usually one of the first lineman moving at the snap, giving himself a good advantage in pass protection.  In the run game, Peat is a able to quickly release to the second level but struggles at times to break down on his target; He doesn’t always hit what he sees.  He’s a powerful in-line guy who can move the defender off his mark.  He possesses a lot of pop, creates a good jolt, and keeps his feet chopping through contact.  Peat is quick out of his stance when reach blocking and is a very capable step and seal guy.

BOTTOM LINE:  Andrus Peat is one of the top offensive linemen in the 2015 NFL Draft.  He’s far from a finished product, as he must improve his ability to break down in space and he must work on his overall technique (i.e., he’s a bit of a waist bender right now.)  That said, he displays a natural level of athleticism and the ideal makeup that suggests his warts are fixable on the next level.  When he’s on his game, he’s arguably the top tackle in the class.  There aren’t many pass rushers that will be able to free themselves from his powerful hands, and he has the kind of range on the corner (as well as quickness off the snap) that projects success at left tackle in the NFL.  Peat is a very good in-line blocker that has the athletic upside to make plays on the second level as well.  He’s a young guy, and the best is yet to come from him.  He might have some initial growing pains in the pros, but he looks the part of a ten-year starting left tackle once his game comes together.

GRADE:  8.2 (First Round)

-Submitted by Bryan Perez (@FirstRoundGrade)