Anthony Boone

Anthony Boone

Position QB School Duke
Height 6' 0" Weight 231 lbs
Class RS Senior Number 7
All-Star Shrine Game 40 Time 5.03

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Anthony Boone enters the 2015 NFL Draft after two successful seasons as the starting quarterback of the Duke Blue Devils. In 2014, he passed for 2,700 yards and 19 TDs to go along with 8 INTs while completing 56.3% of his passes. For his career, he’s totaled 5,789 yards passing, 38 TDs and 24 INTs with a career completion percentage of 54.5%. In his two seasons as a starter, he totaled 589 rushing yards with 10 TDs. He was elected team captain in both 2013 and 2014. Physically, Boone is on the shorter side for traditional NFL quarterbacks and he doesn’t present with any particularly special skill set to suggest he will be able to overcome his lacking physical stature. At only 6-feet tall, Boone will have a difficult time making throws from the pocket in the NFL. Athletically, Boone is a coordinated and balanced runner who has enough speed and quickness to make a play with his legs. He’s not the kind of runner who will be able to blow by the defense, but he certainly has the necessary quicks to escape the pocket and chew up chunks of yards on the run. As a passer, Boone’s throws have decent velocity, but he uses his arm strength more like a fastball pitcher than a quarterback. He lets it rip when, at times, it’s unnecessary. His arm strength is apparent on deep balls, too, as he clearly can push the ball downfield when needed. His accuracy leaves a lot to be desired, though, as he consistently misses on all three levels of the passing game. His passes tend to get away from him and sail over the receiver’s head, again as a result of his fastball mentality. While his mechanics could stand to use some fine-tuning, he generally has a consistent and sound overall throwing motion. Boone is simply an inaccurate passer (which is reflected by his under 60% career completion percentage.)

BOTTOM LINE: Anthony Boone has  had his moments as Duke’s starter over the last two years, but his tape simply suggests that he doesn’t have the necessary passer traits required to project as a viable NFL prospect at the position. At best, Boone will sign with a team after the Draft as a PFA and be given a chance to showcase his skills in camp. Boone should consider a position change, as he has the baseline athleticism to potentially convert to running back or slot receiver.

GRADE: 5.0 (PFA)

-Submitted by Bryan Perez (@FirstRoundGrade)

2013 Season Passing Charts by Justis Mosqueda


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