Arie Kouandjio

Arie Kouandjio

Position OG School Alabama
Height 6' 5" Weight 310 lbs
Class RS Senior Number 77
All-Star Senior Bowl 40 Time ---

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Arie Kouandjio, the senior guard from the Alabama Crimson Tide, enters the 2015 NFL Draft after starting the last 27 straight games in the SEC.  He finished the 2014 season as a Second Team All-American and First Team All-SEC performer.  Kouandjio suffered a serious knee injury in 2011 that required surgery and caused him to miss the entire season.  His brother, Cyrus, was a second round pick of the Buffalo Bills in 2014.  Physically, Kouandjio possesses the necessary makeup required for a starting NFL guard.  His 6’5”, 310 lb frame is evenly distributed and his 34 ?” arms are a plus.  Athletically, Kouandjio leaves a bit to be desired as he fails to display the kind of flexibility and knee bend needed to settle into his blocks and anchor versus power; He’s a waist-bender who too easily falls off of his man after contact; He ends up flailing in space or falling to the ground.  Kouandjio is a tad heavy-footed, as he labors to get down the LOS when pulling or down blocking.  His best asset is his hands, as he has a somewhat powerful punch that is capable of stunning the defender on contact.  That said,  he struggles to re-set and/or redirect versus speed or counter moves.  Kouandjio is at his best as an in-line power guy, at times flashing the ability to open running lanes by pushing his man away from the play’s aiming point.  He’s not nearly as effective in space where he consistently struggles to break down and locate his target.  In the passing game, Kouandjio is an inconsistent performer who at times looks the part of a powerful interior lineman capable of holding up versus bull rushers.  At other times, he is completely overwhelmed by speed and counter moves leaving the quarterback in a vulnerable position.

BOTTOM LINE:  Arie Kouandjio enjoyed a productive career as a two-year starter at Alabama following a serious knee injury in 2011.  His athletic limitations are a concern, as his struggles versus speed and quickness on the college level will get exposed in the NFL.  While he has the size and overall strength to compete on the next level, he’ll need to be surrounded by established veteran offensive line talent to feel comfortable with as a starter.  Kouandjio is a Day-3 prospect who offers his most value as a depth lineman with the upside to potentially crack a starting job as he matures and evolves with pro coaching.

GRADE:  6.3 (Late-4th)

-Submitted by Bryan Perez (@FirstRoundGrade)