Brock Osweiler | Draft Breakdown

Brock Osweiler

Position QB School Arizona State
Height 6' 6 7/8" Weight 242 lbs
Class Junior Number
All-Star --- 40 Time ---

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Has a sidearm, push motion with a low release point.  Elbow drops significantly during release.  Throwing motion isn’t conducive to throwing tight spirals – little to no flick, which causes  wobbly passes with little spin.  Tendency to load up on deeper throws, bringing the ball very far back behind his head.  Unrefined footwork due to playing exclusively from the shotgun.


A former basketball player who plays on his toes and is nimble for his size.  Ran some read option for Arizona State.  Has more build-up speed than quickness or elusiveness.  Can break tackles in the pocket.  Escapes vertically when scrambling or searching for space in the pocket – understands that he will likely get chased down when scrambling laterally to the line of scrimmage. Mobile enough to waggle to his left and turn to face the receiver before throwing.  Played exclusively from the shotgun, where his deepest drop was three steps after catching the snap. Often overextends his front leg upon release, leaving him unbalanced and knocking height off his release point (combined with his dropping elbow, his height basically serves to help him see over the line and allow defenders to read his eyes – nothing more).

Arm Strength

Displays excellent velocity in short passing game.  Capable of making outside throws to the far hash in the intermediate game.  Pulls the trigger on some crossing routes over the middle that must be fit into very tight windows.  A windup thrower deep.  Overstride and pushing motion do not lend to a power arm in the deep passing game – passes will float, be thrown wobbly, and with poor spin.


A more erratic thrower from game to game than he is from snap to snap.  When he’s on, he’s capable of making bucket throws in the deep game (on fade routes in particular – both leading the receiver and throwing to the back shoulder).  When he’s off, he struggles in allowing his receivers to catch the ball in stride, even on the most routine of passes.

Decision Making and Intangibles

Did not throw a wide variety of routes – capable of going an entire quarter without being asked to throw more than a swing passes, wide receiver screens, and quick curls and slants.  Not asked to make sophisticated reads and his deep passes tended to be pre-determined/designed shot plays.  Must speed up his decision making.  Eye-level is good – does not stare at the rush when his first read is covered; chooses to climb the pocket to find a target or scramble vertically (leaning towards the latter, as he is not comfortable going through multiple reads and playing with a sense of timing).   Willing to pull the trigger on difficult throws in tight windows, even when he has bodies around him.  Is NOT uncomfortable in compressed space, however, he will enter the NFL will a very low level of understanding of even the most basic of passing concepts.  “See it, throw it” quarterback who needed clearly defined reads in college to make accurate throws.