Darius Kilgo

Darius Kilgo

Position DL School Maryland
Height 6' 3 5/8" Weight 320 lbs
Class RS Senior Number 97
All-Star Shrine Game 40 Time ---

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Darius Kilgo enters the 2015 NFL draft after three years as the starting nose tackle for the Maryland Terrapins. Kilgo managed 123 tackles and 5.5 sacks over that time and was a member of the team’s leadership council. Physically, Kilgo is a a big, wide and sturdy guy who is every bit of 319 lbs. His weight is evenly distributed and he has a pretty good trunk. His calves are a bit on the skinny side, but overall, he’s an “in shape” 300(+) pounder. Athletically, Kilgo possesses pretty good initial quickness when reacting to the snap, and he’s an active guy who has decent feet and solid agility in short areas. He’s not going to run anyone down from behind, as his strength is his strength when run at. He displays decent hand play; he is aware of the need to be active and violent when slapping and chopping at the opposing lineman’s arms. Kilgo has only average length, which leads to him getting tied up and struggling to get clean. Against the run, Kilgo is a classic big-bodied defensive tackle who is at his best when asked to eat up blockers and space. He’s not much of a penetrator or disruptor, although he did flash the occasional burst into the backfield. While Kilgo is a big and sturdy guy, there were moments on tape where he was pushed around a bit. He will need to learn how to use his strength better at the POA. He also showed some struggles when shedding blocks, leading to some pretty big running lanes for the back. Against the pass, Kilgo displayed the ability to flash an effective swim to get into the backfield for pressure. His bull rush leaves a bit to be desired, as he didn’t consistently collapse the pocket. That said, he is a decent athlete who has the potential to develop into a solid pass rusher in the pros.

BOTTOM LINE: Darius Kilgo projects as a diverse defensive tackle who is capable of lining up in either a 43 or 34, but his best fit appears to be as a traditional DT in a 43 front. While he might be appealing to 34 scheme-teams, I don’t think he has the kind of overall strength and power needed to fit as the classic 34NT. Kilgo has the combination of size and AA to entice a coaching staff as a project to develop into a potentially significant contributor down the road.

GRADE: 6.0 (5th Round)

-Submitted by Bryan Perez (@FirstRoundGrade)