John Miller

John Miller

Position OG School Louisville
Height 6' 2" Weight 303 lbs
Class Senior Number 70
All-Star Shrine Game 40 Time 5.33

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John Miller, the veteran of 47 starts at guard for the Louisville Cardinals, enters the 2015 NFL Draft as one of the most experienced players at the position. Miller was named as an Honorable Mention All-ACC performer this past season, after receiving Second Team All-AAC recognition at the conclusion of the 2013 season. Physically, Miller possesses a classic OG body-type, as he is on the shorter/stockier side; his mid-section is somewhat sloppy, and since he’s already at 325 lbs, he will need to keep his weight in check. Athletically, Miller leaves a bit to be desired. He scraps and fights with the defender, but he struggles to get out of his stance quickly and is often beat by quick, inside moves. As a result, Miller loses the leverage battle and is often pushed into the backfield. His feet aren’t the smoothest. He needs to get better with his hands, too, as he tends to absorb and hug rather than uncoil any kind of punch. The fact that he’s a tick slow out of his stance is magnified by his lacking hand use. When Miller is square with the defender, he’s a pretty strong guy who is hard to get around. There were several moments on tape where he would drive the defender to the ground in the run game; he is a mean player and generally plays to the whistle. However, his limited quickness and athletic ability suggests struggles to transition to the NFL game.

BOTTOM LINE: John Miller has enjoyed a nice career as a 47 game starter for the Louisville Cardinals. However, his tape has some significant warts regarding his effectiveness against the quick, penetrating defensive tackle. With the NFL seeing an influx of athletic defensive tackles in recent years, Miller appears to be a risk and potential liability. That said, he does have a fighter’s mentality and the kind of experience that franchises covet. He should look to lose about 15 lbs in an effort to increase his quickness. If he can do that, then he has the potential to be a reserve lineman in the NFL.

GRADE:  5.0 (7th Round – PFA)

-Submitted by Bryan Perez (@FirstRoundGrade)